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Once completed the Thames Tideway Tunnel will be Europe’s longest and deepest continuous tunnel, travelling 25km through central London to intercept untreated sewage discharges that spill into the tidal Thames and pollute the city’s iconic river. The Thames Tideway Tunnel will create a cleaner, healthier River Thames and improve the quality of life for all Londoners.

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The Black Death
Good, the sooner the Thames is cleansed of faeces, the better my fishing trips there, since there will be more fish to catch.
Mr Cabot
This is delusional thinking and negligent planning on behalf of the Greater City of London. They admit the Lee bypass will only take 50% when completed, yet the city is growing and this project supposedly planning for the next 150 years? Considering the insane cost, it should last the next 500 to 1000 years.
Mr Cabot
7:42 and GREAT PAY
Francis H
A great engineering company great job on the five billion swerage.
Where are all the Paddy-Tunnellers of yesteryear? May you all rest in Peace. They were the days.
Nice shot of "Richard -the-thirds" floating on the Thames.
James Hogan
It is amazing the amount of ignorance of urban infrastructure shown here in these comments. No idea how what happens to wastewater after flushing, or how tapwater is conveyed to your home. But then I work in the industry, and let me tell you folks, it takes a lot of hidden engineering to keep Western Civilization going.
James Hogan
I love the 'Diversity Patrol' at 0:42. Ok we get it. Can't anything get made without the Left's propaganda being shoved down our throats?
Dahmen Piotraschke
The city of London has the Crossrail project, a new business and living area at Nine Elms, and this massive clean river project !!!..yet, wtf, is the US doing?....I don't hear of any Grand infrastructure plans here in the US...while the UK is a fraction of the GDP of America..?!!
Talk about PC bullshit. They couldn't have got more females or Ethnics if they tried.
Amazing project. But not a word about its cost!!
Chris Charters
Britain is now a 3rd world country. not too many western countries release sewage nowadays. sad
Max Blinkhorn
What a load of uninformed and trouble-seeking comments there are here. Oh wait! It's the internet. That explains it. Good project. Long needed.
Chicago has a similar project. It's called the "Deep Tunnel". It works pretty good I think.
I know, filter the water to death! filter the thames to death! clean the balls out of it
Scott Gibson
In the 1990,s Miller Tunnelling put a new storm water tunnel from , "Abby Mills pumping station to Beckton works" to allivate this very problem.
Adolf Galand
Last time i went swimming in the Thames i picked up ringworm.
mary shaffer
Need to create a bacteria that will eat all the sewage.
brian willoughby
eh! were the brits and visitors going mad with the smell of fecal matter coming from the London area.
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