Max Holloway reacts to losing his first (BRAWL) Investigation What REALLY 2 days ago   10:07

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UFC 236 Results!

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Hes a fraud unlucky at best thats what he gets for backing pedofiles rats and all sorts of shit this guy is fried cock eyed his mom was not doubt smoking wen she had him i mean what more can we here from this lilttle pathetic mma losah! Use a rat leave my dad shanes name outta ya mouth or imaa blast ur lying ass already sick of this rat pussy ur braddah just got shake by my self in person use a pussy!! Sole!
Robert Shaefer
Man!! He sounds dopey as hell. And I'm not talkin about his medication. Hope his brain can recover. That was a serious beating he took. Better get back down where he belongs.
Sargento Volodia
#twitterwarrior 😂😂😂
laboratorio 713
Max h is a good sport
joe foe
I feel so fucking bad for Kelvin. You can tell he just want to hear his name to be called so bad. Hes a warrior
Jacob Lhouvum
Max u r my man. Win or not but u HV heart of lion
Haniff Mohd
2:25 meme
Jay Silver
Max always sounds drunk AF
Jack Mah
Connor and Adesanya's Fame on ufc made them arrogant and foolish mouth watering trash the end it ended them up to loser.
splitscreen gaming
Khabib has no losses stfu Conor
Max's courage and optimism were both tested at UFC 236. Very impressive guy to take an L and still have a great mental attitude toward the future. Tough mindset. Good luck Max. Hope you get the W next time mate.
Glad max finally lost so now people will stop talking about him
OG Sinatra
I just wanna see Connors reaction to max vs Dustin 2 PORIOR IS A FUCKING BEAST
Jazz Lil
Khabib is nothing near cornor without grappeling... I tot cornor would win the match..
Mark Rampersad
:22 seconds in, Dana “he’s like Conner”
حسبي ربي وكفى
Conor vs israel
im from dustins home town ive met and got a picture with dustin and i am a long time fan but i feel for max! he will always be a champion and dustin deserves the win both fighters were warriors
"Beautiful ATL"? fuuuck Max, you got hit THAT hard?
Eric Bussman
It must suuuuuuuuck to negotiate with Khabib's camp. His father seems like a hard ass to negotiate with. Just the way he says, 'Negotiations are coming', you just know it ain't gonna be no picnic to deal with. Khabib about to get paid niiiiice for his next fight
hani mosleh
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(BRAWL) Investigation What REALLY Max Holloway reacts to losing his first 2 days ago   11:37

I took an in-depth look at why Khabib Nurmagomedov started brawling after his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 229. I compiled all of the cell phone footage of the fight I could find online to show every angle of the post-fight brawl.I talk more about who Dillon Danis is and why Khabib would want to fight him, who the fighters that jumped Conor McGregor after the fight were, what happened after the fight ended, Dana White's reaction and what might happen from here. (PLZ READ COMMENT BELOW ON AN UPDATE)

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