Max Holloway reacts to losing his first What Really Happened at UFC 236 (Kelvin 2 days ago   10:07

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UFC 236 Results!

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Brad Brad
Only conor believes he has any right to talk shit against someone who beat his ass and will do the same in a rematch, i just wish khabib got that left arm conor was holding on for dear life to..he was gonna break it
Aaron Neville
Old woman’s Injured hip
That goat joke is pretty funny😂
Autism Apocalypse
"Dustin deserves everything he worked for, I'm just here for the opportunity."

Max is class act. He takes criticism and insults like it ain't nothing. Confident, hard working, respectful and positive.
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration
Some Doc Pep y’all 😆
ken jackson
4:59 nate beat conor standing up, conor went to the ground to avoid nate from knocking his ass out, if that fight went a bit longer standing conor would have got knocked out. it's time for the conor vs Holloway rematch!!
There trying to make Israel Adesanya the new conor mcgregor but conor is one in a million and Israel will be found out in his next fight and Israel saying he wants to fight jon bones if that fight happend bones would make Israel call him daddy and take him down to the canves and murder him👊👊👊👊💯
David Smith
When he said maple leafs I instantly noticed a maple leaf on his forehead
Justin Harris
stylebender will defend his title unlike mcnugget
Max Powers
Fook that sore loser conor mc rapist
Johan Granados
Dustin knocked him good he talking to a Dr Pepper bottle😂
Rogue Shinobi 97
But Conor was the shit when he first started he was a savage and the best thing that made Conor better is that he predicted every fight he went to until he got carried away with the mayweather fight
Captain Bob Smiley
Max Holloway is a true champ. Great in defeat.
Tan Bae Blonde Girls
Both of them are savages
John Burgos
The ancient style of blocking with your face🙏
sean ranklin jr
Literally no one:

Dana white: hes like conor McGregor
Max has progressively become not just one of my favorite fighters, but also one of the toughest, and best fighters us UFC fans have ever had the pleasure of watching. Keep going brother. You are far from out of this.
The years you go unbeaten mean nothing! Some fighters do the very minimum. Like 1 fight a year isn't impressive
Benjie Mac
Ulol talunan 😂😂😂😂
jesse judah
Conor is so immature, i really hope there is a rematch and Khabib smashes him again 👊
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What Really Happened at UFC 236 (Kelvin Max Holloway reacts to losing his first 2 days ago   19:28

Here, I will breakdown and analyze one of the greatest fights in recent memory in Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum. What was Adesanya looking for? How did the slips of each fighter impact the fight? How devastating were these shots?

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