Honeycomb Moray Eating Yellow CRABS!!! CATCHING, CLEANING, EATING!!! 2 months ago   04:48

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This an extremely rare look at eels preying upon other eels. This is a fight to see! This awesome action was captured by our Rec Diving team of scuba divers in the Maldives and was featured on "River Monsters" show. Learn more at www.recdiving.com.)

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Ashlynn Gilsmore
Wow fighting until the very end! Thanks for the longer video shows off it's big belly after swallowing. I wouldn't have been suprised if the small one ate the other inside out. Full for a month
Monk Petite
Wicked to see this. Thanks for sharing !
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CRABS!!! CATCHING, CLEANING, EATING!!! Honeycomb Moray Eating Yellow 2 months ago   14:03

Sarah and I pulled the traps and had a steamed crab picnic on the side of the Loxahatchee River near our home in Jupiter, Florida.
The seasoning I was using was Everglades Heat, absolutely amazing on crab!!!! get it here: http://www.evergladesseasoning.com/collections/everglades-rub-seasoning