How you can properly screen tenants and avoid DANGER: Prepare for The 2019 Real 5 months ago   08:10

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Can you recommend a good website to screen potential tenants? Thank you for the videos
Supra 85
Awesome info.
William Booth
Good information. On point with instructional suggestions.
Gerald Shields
Thank you for the discussion.
Roland Michalak
Greetings; I am a founder of rental pmt. solution, that works each and every time, month after month. The solution to getting your rent I'm about to present is perfectly legal, works like nothing else that guarantees your rent money because you are in control each month, not your tenant. Before you hand over the keys to your new tenant, you already weeded him or her out, with my solution, and yes it's perfectly ok to totally screen, but does it guarantee you will have your rent money on time each month, Not by a long shot. Take my advice, I've been a landlord who's been lied to, by church goers, most innocent christians that walk this earth, and those kind would turn out to be horror tenants, no use to waist the time writing about them, most of you landlords have had your share, and believe me I know. The solution is > before you hand over the keys to your new tenant, they must abide by your rules, remember the property is yours and you're in total control. They must have a checking acct. they must agree to hand over to you 12 checks in advance, dated for each month the rent is due, whether it's the 1st, 3rd, or the 10th you lay the rules. First months rent + the deposit or whichever you agree to. If that tenant agrees and hands over the advanced checks for however long the lease is for with no if's or but's you have weeded a possible good paying tenant, and your rent will be paid. If a possible tenant declines to giving you the checks up front, this is a red flag ! you just weeded a rotten apple in the basket, that you would have problems along the way getting that rent, take my advice, I've been stiffed by rotten lying tenants too many times. If let's say any of the checks you deposit yourself each month bounces, turns out it did not clear, for any reason, in the state of MI is where I'm from and this is the same in most states, and the check is for $ 500 or above, that tenant is arrested by the local police which you must notify. If this occurs, evict that tenant on the spot, because screening did not totally do the job, remember best tenants will change from day to day and lie, trust me on that, you will not have a bit of a problem evicting them if they get arrested for giving you a rubber check towards your rent, they will lose in every court in front of any judge. Landlords, take renters into a tight grip to insure your rent due is paid to you each month on time. My Best, founder of rent solutions.
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Your video seems to encourage illegal discriminaton against minorities and the disabled.  I'm sure you're ready to defend your position in court and will pay ANYTHING to a lawyer if that's what it takes (rather than collecting rent).
Pleeeaaassse screen your tenants!!!
JarnaginArt. What's On The Easel?
What if I buy a duplex where one side is already rented? Should I screen them before I buy and make sure they're good? As a new owner can I restructure the lease when I take over?
Brian Ploszay
The difference between making and losing money. All good.
john doe
I am so glad I will never rent again. Landlords forget the renter is the customer. The possibly of a poor quality tenant is part of the risk of renting properties.
I would beat you down if you ever contacted an emergency contact for collection purposes!
Sal D
Horror Story !!!
My very first unit being rented out . Spent about 15k to remodel it completely. Had tons of applicants. One lady came in with her daughter covered up and soft spoken. Gave me the single mother story . Moved her in didn’t credit check. Second month pays late. 3rd month claims she’s not paying due to broken items in unit, and had moved her deadbeat boyfriend. They have pool parties and barbecues on the regular, still no payment. Take her to court she loses . It’s LA County takes a total of 3 months to get a sheriff notice. She asks for an extension. Loses it. Has 14 days to collect , waits for the 14th day to collect her items. Lost about 8k total. Come to find out she was evicted from previous residence, convicted of welfare fraud, car taken away, having her wages garnished from another person, irs was after her as well. Left the place completely filthy. SCREEN YOUR TENANTS!!!!!!
Elizabeth Bolanos
How do I get my hands on this checklist? Thx :)
Rachel Lee
Abandoning the property..... They spoil!!! 😂😂😂
Cuarajhy Rojayju
Request social security # to collect later on for damages👍 Tenant screening is so important! No personal check only money order or certified check 2 months security deposit.
Cuarajhy Rojayju
Shared in my social media, great information ty
You've cleaned up THOUSANDS ? What are you a billionaire????
terry waller
States and cities are beginning to enact new laws which will ban a lot of your screening. Things like criminal background checks even credit checks.
James Bond
This landlord has concerns about the Fair Housing Act. Why is that the case? He must launder his illegality by out sourcing his violations. This is a red flag for me. He is rejected as my landlord. I am not giving money to the "landlord from hell".
The Angry Economist
Letting is what landlords do, renting is what tenants do!
Jack Aubrey
Excellent video, glad I found you guys.
I don't have a property yet, but I have a renter horror stpry- it involves my father- in law.
He was an attorney...not a very good one. He was sleazy, dishonest, a stereotypical lawyer. He spent the last 10 years of his life fighting dis-barment.
He rented a house from a young man. The young man had a nice 3 bedroom/ 2 bath single family house in a great location. The problem was , my father - in - law didn't like to work. Oh, he's do a couple of bankruptcies a year, but he was always on the prowl for gullible, trusting women who would support him.

He spent all his rent money trying to woo a 19 year old girl ( he was 300 lbs and 52 years old.)The landlord tried and tried to get his rent, but my father - in - law knew how to legally drag out the eviction process for MONTHS.
I was so angry and disgusted with what he did to that young landlord. That landlord trusted Wayne, in good faith. He was put through the financial ringer by a DEADBEAT with a law degree.

SO... when I get my first rental property, I won't rent to a lawyer...ever. Any halfway successful attorney should make enough money, and qualify easily for a home loan. If the lawyer is renting, that says something.
Stereotypes are funny things, there always seems to be a small thread of truth somewhere in there. That is particularly true of attorneys.
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DANGER: Prepare for The 2019 Real How you can properly screen tenants and avoid 5 months ago   15:50

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