We Toured Alabama's MASSIVE Football 2019 CFP winner press conference: 2 months ago   15:58

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Fresh off of a loss in the 2019 National Championship to Clemson last night, we share a look inside Bama's digs down in Tuscaloosa. Check out all that the Bama football program has to offer, including the biggest weight room we've seen to date.

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808 Boogieman
Can you do a school who is sponsored by either adidas or under armour
GeeSlice2KGOD 88
I have a question what happens if a player on the nfl wall with the helmets gets traded
Bryan Montes
Can you do Syracuse Orange football plz plz💯
Pai Kah seng
Do Ohio state
Miguel Andrade
Carter Bauer
Do wisco badgers facility
Mason Danner
U should do cLemson
Keelan Donnelly
Bro I have the shoes in the thumbnail
wE fLyInG
Go to UCLA
Flash Korleone
Next Up LSU football
roll tide y'all
Cam Johnson
Your Clemson’s facility
Lansus cole
Do florida state please
Logan Andrews
Can u guys do Ohio state next?
Adam Wintetbottom
Cheaters never prosper
Jl D
Lol lots of equipment rooms have the foot scanner
Dylan Plata
NFL next
Alex Newman
Are you going to do anymore of these?
Rain Chopper
Do the gators
Sam Berman
Do penn state
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2019 CFP winner press conference: We Toured Alabama's MASSIVE Football 2 months ago   20:41

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