We Toured Alabama's MASSIVE Football 2019 CFP winner press conference: 2 weeks ago   15:58

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Fresh off of a loss in the 2019 National Championship to Clemson last night, we share a look inside Bama's digs down in Tuscaloosa. Check out all that the Bama football program has to offer, including the biggest weight room we've seen to date.

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Adrian Lopez
If you fail at Alabama then you have no excuse. The best of the best
Cole Butler
Do Nebraska . An adidas school would be cool.
Garrett Henning
These videos deserve more views
David Buckets
Fulcrum Fulcrum
Do the U🙌🏼
You should do Northwestern, UCLA, Nebraska, Miami, Kansas. I'd pay money to see those
Alvin Mills
Roll Tide Roll
That’s awesome! Oregon’s is awesome too! But I guess when the man who started the greatest athletic apparel and equipment company in the world was your former track coach, and their headquarters are in your back yard, I guess you get a few more perks than the other teams you sponsor.
dylan cruse
I swear he's a curse
The Littlelest Giant
Adam Frucht
What’s one similarly between Clemson and the moon?

They both control the tide
Good to have you as well 😂
Fabian Garcia
who thinks Alabama can defeat any team instead of clemson
Easonolemiss 51
You should go to ole miss and check it out
Cason boi The third
You should have down Clemson case they destroyed them
Check out University of Memphis football facility.
Bama fans comment
Clemson or other like
go to Wisconsin, maybe?
Jacques Hardy
FLORIDA GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Schuler
Damn I shouldve went to Bama
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2019 CFP winner press conference: We Toured Alabama's MASSIVE Football 2 weeks ago   20:41

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