We Toured Alabama's MASSIVE Football 2019 CFP winner press conference: 6 months ago   15:58

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Fresh off of a loss in the 2019 National Championship to Clemson last night, we share a look inside Bama's digs down in Tuscaloosa. Check out all that the Bama football program has to offer, including the biggest weight room we've seen to date.

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Pepper Jack
You need to do LSU or South Carolina
Vladik Valasiuk
This is why I’m proud to be a BAMA fan
Sean Seanson
Could you try to get to Notre Dame please!
Bot 1
Home sweet home Alabama
Guwopinese ‘
Alabama: only d1 football program with a foot scanner

Clemson: hold my beer
10,000 subs With no vids
Clemson has crushed Bama
Wil Hovater
Roll Tide Roll
This football program has a foot scanner . Imagine if shoe stores and foot doctors had this
ash ash
Tour LSU pleaseeee
Papa Grande
Fuck Alabama! Geaux Tigers!!!
George Mollohan
Go dawgs
Jacob Oakes
Tour FSU
Love bamas classic look
....and only one uniform. Kudos to that. no special helmets, jerseys, pants. One helmet, same home and road jersey and same white pants.
Sio Saipaia
Definitely check out Navy football 🤙
I’m Going To Be D1, before I’m done with highschool
Jude Razor
Do the university of Miami durr🙄
Jacob Cohen
In a state with such a high poverty rate it's a sin to see a PUBLIC university spend so much on football. The state of Alabama needs to get its priorities straight. Stop carrying so much about woman's wombs and football and start thinking more about the needy and impoverished.
Brooks BOT
There logo looks like i athletics from baseball
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2019 CFP winner press conference: We Toured Alabama's MASSIVE Football 6 months ago   20:41

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