Paul George Gets Sick LeBron James & Lonzo Ball 2 months ago   03:11

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Pg is taking over OKC
Richard Collins
Harden is my least favorite player to watch because i always get pissed by all the calls he gets when he is the one actually fouling. I would rather watch a team of a bunch of Jokim Noah's shooting nothing but 3's that u know wont go in than watch Harden.
Carlos Pina
Harden is ref disguised as a player cuz he gets all the calls!!
Gemma Smith
Benjamin Maynard
Aladdin's magic carpet was made from Harden's beard clippings
emile milton
quality basketball
Manu Camus
Harden is the anti-basketball!
Kelton Aarris
PG reminds me of Tmac..
All time bitch ass flopper list.
1. Manu Ginobili
2. James Harden
3. Dwyane Wade
8Dark Knight4
I need to get cable. I be missing ton of good games. Paulie G killed them.
Disobey 303
That was good defense
Grey Fox23
Paul George should win MVP
Larry Hurts
That was a weak as call
James Harden is a little bitch, simple
whats wrong with rockets jersey? Chinese team?
Oc Sepulveda
All that damn flopping is the reason i stopped watching the nba.
The only thing I notice is the lack of defense from that guy
Maalik Anos
Paul George didn't get a foul call on the elbow to the head and said "fuck outta here bearded bitch"
Migfuerza PH
fuck you James Harden! Most annoying nba player of today.
V Charley
🖕🏽 James harden... that’s why he’ll never win a Championship.. too much one on one.. it’s a team sport..
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LeBron James & Lonzo Ball Paul George Gets Sick 2 months ago   10:37

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