Has Parliament taken back control John Cleese on Brexit, newspapers 5 months ago   21:07

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If Brexit is all about taking back control, MPs appear to have finally taken it to heart.

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Tory rebels joined the opposition to defeat Theresa May for the second time in 24 hours after a key decision by the Speaker of the House.


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Tyree Cruz
Corbyn to head. Northern island atlantic
Matthew Tolentino
MP: u biased bruh, y u got that sticker on your car
Speaker: bruv that my wife's car
The British public need to take back control from the MPs. Not one honest MP left in Westminster. The days when MPs cared about the public have gone. Show me a MP who say they do and I will show you a lying low life bottom feeder.
No one will get a majority vote for whatever deal there is. Because you voted leave and didn't vote for what deal it would come by....
Ewan McFadyen
How many Conservatives get asked their opinion?

How many from Labour? And which Labour MPs?

I've never seen such bullshit in all my life. Take away the country's biggest bargaining chip (no deal) and refuse ANY other deal that delivers what the country voted for in an attempt to circumvent the people's will because THEY know best. CIVIL WARS HAVE STARTED OVER LESS!!!! FOOLS!
May's tactic riding towards the cliff hasn’t played out for the last two years. The Speaker is speeding up the process and brings it on a line. He is doing the right thing. Citizens want a decision, this way or the other. One side always will be disappointed, that how democracy’s works.
The rest of Europe don’t even laugh about it anymore.
My advice...., get out anyway it takes, see how it works out. If yes, ok if not you always can join the club again. But…., finally...., by all mercy..., take a final decision and don’t abuse the parliamentarian system to avoid the inevitable .
Little Helper
Parliament speaker born in Romania...how sweet!
Oh Dear... even Ch4, The Guardian, and the bbc...and the rest of the deep state swamp... can't stop a Democratic Vote...the 'will'' of the people, and lm VERY VERY happy to say, the outcome of the House Of Commons,Brexit vote...now lets get another PM who can deliver BREXIT, for Pete's sake !!!.
Easy Groove
i voted to leave ,not a deal,just leave.
Zahed Shorif
Mp stolen Brexit save Brexit it’s good for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Jeffrey Grove
He must be sacked period.
Europe with the UK will assure Europe westernised alliance with the U.S.A
Europe without the UK will shift over towards Russia China and Iran...i sense this strongly
Welsh knight
Bercow looks like Bilbo Baggins
You guy's need a Trump of your own!
A no deal brexit is no less likely today than it was yesterday. It's the legal default. It doesn't matter how many MP's dont want it, the only way they can stop it is to agree to something they do want in it's place. There is the problem because there is absolutely no majority for anything else, including stopping brexit, a 2nd referendum, Norway etc...
Alpo Bosanceros
Talk too much and do nothing you all waste time the politics of the world are one propaganda to the poor people, we all unite together the whole earth and we all live in peace greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Joe Cortizo
Did you watch Iron Man, Tropic Thunder or even Sherlock Holmes today already?
Dead Guy
Lord Hope stand up man..now..the Monster should be on the rise
Jenny Hulme
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John Cleese on Brexit, newspapers Has Parliament taken back control 5 months ago   10:12

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