Double Take dance (English) Cafeteria Scene from Life 3 months ago   03:04


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Latricia Eaton
U got 4 legs you walk too Laughsohard
Sidney Bell
let me show u how I use to do it before I joined the bureau
50000000000000000000000000000 osacr
Oh yeah Jim Palmer Gas to the car go faster look to the store and pay more money
50000000000000000000000000000 osacr
Are you going to go to the store pay more money to the gas tank to go
50000000000000000000000000000 osacr
Pocono current gas to the car go faster why you guess you don't pay no mind to that you guys put a lot of gas tank to go faster
Tania Nunez
Drop it like its hot....tick tick TIII HE HE HICKKK
Stephanie Rumpf
one of my favorite movies that no one has ever heard of. I always quote this movie, when Orlando is crossing the border and the dog is in the backpack but kinda out of it, and he tells her to get back in the bag... iiiin, bitch.
AS Red eye
Awesome movie
Donovan Henderson
Eddie lost the battle and the car
Erlo Khan
You got four legs you walk.... hahaha... nice1... 1ofmyfavmoviesofalltime
Champ Champ
That last split he groaned like he sat on one of his testicles.
Ndirangu Gichuki
" before I joined the bureauUU "
dude im baaaked
Fuckin gangsta ass scene.
Smiley Sherwood
Love this movie 💖😚😎😍👏👏👏💝
Paulie Walnuts
0:01 look at eddie hair all fucked up lmao!!!
Tha 1
A Classic 😂😂😂
David Hayward
this is musak
Tiena Ellison
Whoever thought to put these two together was a stroke of genious, hilarious
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Cafeteria Scene from Life Double Take dance (English) 3 months ago   03:41

Eddie Murphy's subtle comments are hilarious.