Everything Wrong with Men in Black Everything Wrong With Godzilla 1 day ago   20:45

With a new Men in Black movie coming up, we decided to go looking for sins in the second film in the franchise, Men in Black II. It has... lots of sins. Lots.

Next week: 2 sins videos.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Bat man
Didn't your mother ever give you a gameboy? clearly fucking not that dudes 50 in 2002 and the gameboy came out in 1989.
I liked all three films. This is the worst of them, but it's one of my guilty pleasures. International was...okay. I didn't like it as much.
What about everything wrong with “CinemaSins” (no hate, i am just making a weird joke)
Emma Waters
Holy shit that's Mimi.I did not put two and two together till now
The Sky Bandit TheBandit025
To be fair Patrick Warburton is know as Joe now not Kronk anymore.
Teekayhuey TK
👀Ohhhh my that is natalie Portman 👀
Wow, even more incorrect "muh misogyny bigot ableist problematic current year racists" whining bullshit from you. Fuck this channel, bye.
Kortney J. Lowe 1
»»»»»» MIB-International2019play.blogspot.com

Кара кийимчен адамдар дайыма ааламдын даты жерди коргошот. Бул жаңы укмуштуу, алар ушул күнгө чейин Reviews алардын ири коркунуч чечүү: Black уюмунун адам бир мең.
Директору: F. Гари Gray
Жазуучулар: Мт Holloway, Art өндүрдү | Дагы 1-кредит "
Stars: Chris Ангарано Tessa Томпсон, Kumail Nanjiani | толук салып & экипаж "кара
Sleepy Roo
Speaking of David Cross, y'all gotta sin all the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies lol. Movies 1-3 was my childhood and I'd love to see you sin 'em
Jazmine Johnson
Lawd the way he said Detective Mike Lowry had me laughing so damn hard😂😂😂 I wasnt expecting that one. I'm gonna sue. My sides fucking hurt because of that one.
mack cummy
It's putty.
Ryan Kunst
The scene at the beginning isn't really an eating disorder joke, but a fetish scene that some perv managed to get into the movie. I am surprised that after 2 weeks I don't see any comments pointing this out after scrolling for a few minutes... makes me even more ashamed that I know it. On the bright side your comments at 16:12 make me feel a bit better about it.
Mispronounced zaphod. Bing!
Tommy Johnston
***Important Read***

After watching the film for only 20 minutes, I noticed two critically points, cinemasins left out. In the scene of the diner, Jay performs the neuralizer on his ex partner, Agent Tee to the date their partnership started. But why didn’t Jay wipe his memory at the day Agent Tee started at Men in Black, or when he first discovered what Men In Black is. As Jay talks about being a hero, if he wiped his memory to the start of their partnership Agent Tee would still remember that he still is agent Tee, a nobody to no one, just like Jay.

Another scene is when Laura Vasquez, is first appeared in the pizza restaurant. She discovers the aliens and she immediately hides for cover under a counter in the back room. She is then theartened by a gust of wind slamming the back door, alarming Scrad / Charlie (Johnny Knoxville) to go to check it out. Even with two heads on his body, he was still unable to spot her. That’s four sets of eyes looking and found nothing. His second head doesn’t even look till the end shot of them leaving the room, announcing that there wasn’t anyone in the room. How did he know someone wasn’t there if he wasn’t looking until they left the room.
JayThePerfectOne -
Everything wrong with CinemaSins: *everything*
Octavia Blue
How did you not sin vore
The giant worm isn't seen because New Yorkers are oblivious
at 3:01 WOW you're so woke guys
Annie Kaysa
the most iconic scene in this movie is the biz markie-will smith beatboxing conversation. that shit is legit
PaLy Inca
Orion can be seen in late July in the early morning - yes, even in NYC (given the light pollution is too bad and you're awake). It was visible in NYC in July of 2002. Maybe stick to the light pollution issue instead.
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Everything Wrong With Godzilla Everything Wrong with Men in Black 1 day ago   16:40

Godzilla (2014) was a much better film than the last Godzilla we got, (1998), but it's still full of sins, beginning with its misleading title.

Next week: Something recent and something vampirey.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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