Puppy Rings Bell for a Treat GoPro on a Labrador Retriever Left 5 months ago   00:31

Occurred on May 12, 2018 / Rocklin, California, USA

"This is Phoebe. She was hand fed at birth because she was too weak to nurse on her mother and was rejected by her mother. She learned to communicate when she wanted to eat by ringing the bell."

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Oscar Armando
Aweewe cute
This puppy has been watching Breaking Bad!
How demanding! lol So cute! :)
French Bulldog Tips
So tiny and cute!!
Kat Heymann
Not the Povlov's dog experiment I remember. 😍
R Garlin
Jes' give him a bowl of the stuff, already!🙄
Mary McCullough
My grand puppy has been ringing a bell on the back door to go out to potty. She learned in 2 days she's just as cute as Phoebe by the way.
Petranek Realty Inc
Who's the SMARTER one here? I'd say the dog!!! LOL
Manuel Gonzalez
This will get old for the owners really, really fast
Marti Benjamin
I think when Phoebe is bigger, stronger and healthier, that damned bell ringing will get very annoying.
Micah Greenleaf
What's the pup's breed? French Bulldog? Boston Terrier? Mix?
Alice Leighton
Ringing a bell to get treats is very impressive! Our little Cooper sits back and shakes your hand! 🤗💖
Bill Katz
Pavlovian conditioning. Just like Trump and his Senate Republicans.
Krishna Bartaula
wow what a cleaver puppy !
This video reminds me of old YouTube. Haha
ro da
I could watch this all day!
Tamekia Price
2 cute!
co3lho craft
It's Very very cute
Wish I too could ring a bell and then food appears. 😀
Blood Orange Sun
Classical conditioning
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GoPro on a Labrador Retriever Left Puppy Rings Bell for a Treat 5 months ago   10:22

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