LIVE: #AfricaLive 17GMT 13/03/2019 Arrival of Kenya’s President Kenyatta 2 days ago   46:20

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Here’s Richard Nta with our news bulletin at this hour.

Among some of the news items making headlined include;

Interpol joins other experts in the Ethiopian Airlines crash investigation,

Rescue efforts underway in Lagos after school building caves in.

President Emmanuel Macron arrives in Kenya for historic visit.

Stay with us right here, or catch our bulletin on DSTV 409 and Star Times 123.
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Unruly K1ng
Sound quality sucks!!
Love Letter
these ethiopians are a joke and very delusional, if i was landlocked i wouldnt bother with navy it makes no sense defending a sea you dont even own and a waste of money, instead of buying a navy and then paying another country to host it i would put that money to better use like building a sewege system or fighting the spread of aids and hunger in ethiopia, These guys live in a hebeshe fairytale land,
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