Russian Dancing Men - HD Gameplay [iPad/iPad2] Russian Dancing Men Clips 2 months ago   09:04

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maker games
Can You Put It On Android For Free?
Charles Manson
6:01 Im half expecting "I am the globgogabgalab"
Cats Have Wings
i know this is old but everyone is talking about this being a copy of vib ribbon. but what if mrweebl never saw vib ribbon.
Aleks Szczyglewaki
Oh look, Vib Ribbon without the charm.
Феникс Пригорелов
I always play this game with my purple hen)
not the only game dominate by Russian dancing **tf2**
Thomas Howard
how di oyu record
Jd Lyvers
I like this song
Jd Lyvers
I like this song
Ryen Thurmond
i like how the first level has the song
apple store's vib ribbon!
Le Ducky
like if you bought the jazz dancing men product
For an App Store game this ain't to bad. Now I can play a vib ribbon like game but with songs I know! I give it a 8/10
сап апуопе sау ме wъат тъеу аrе siпgiпg iп тъе епd?) Аfтея fiиsъ I меаи
Mobile game industry is... laughable most of the time, there are some great games sometimes, this ain't one of them at all.
Заливаю Док-ва
Хоть что то про Россию сделали!
Is this for apple products only such as iphones or ipads etc because I have an android (galaxy mega 6.3)
This game.. It exactly copies the gamplay of "VIB-RIBBON". The whole pattern, the pressing of 2 buttons to act like as a combo move. The only difference is the graphics.. And well.. Yeah, Russians! In other words, the creator of this game (Weeble) actually stole or copied the idea of the game of Vib-Ribbon.
Vib-Ribbon is a game that exactly plays like Russian Dancing Man. A PS1 game, created by the creators of PaRappa the Rapper. They should at least give credit for the idea of the game... And I thought this was a based on Russian Communist game.. This gave me a bad respect to them after noticing this.
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Russian Dancing Men Clips Russian Dancing Men - HD Gameplay [iPad/iPad2] 2 months ago   03:46

*I do not own any of this content.* With that said, "Russian Dancing Men" is a great iPhone/iPod application! It is a must have. It is funny and addicting. These are just the clips shown after the completion of every level.