USCGC Kimball (WMSL-756) at Key West Coast Guard Response Boat 6 months ago   00:52

Key West Florida November 13, 2018. US Coast Guard Cutter "Kimball" WMSL 756 at Navy basin. USCGC 756 is the seventh Legend-class cutter of the United States Coast Guard. Kimball is named for Sumner Increase Kimball, who was the organizer of the United States Life-Saving Service and the General Superintendent of the Life-Saving Service from 1878-1915.

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Coast Guard Response Boat USCGC Kimball (WMSL-756) at Key West 6 months ago   01:46

Seattle - The Response Boat Medium successfully completes a self-righting test. This new boat, which was delivered to the Coast Guard March 31, is a multi-mission capable boat expected to operate in coastal zones which include inshore and inland waterways and open ocean out to 50 nautical miles, but will routinely operate in shallow water. As an operational Coast Guard asset, it will rapidly respond to any Coast Guard mission on very short notice and will conduct planned patrols and training. It will replace the 41-foot utility boat which has been the workhorse of Coast Guard coastal stations for more than 25 years.