Halo Infinite - "Discover Hope" Live: ESL Proleague Season 9 Final 1 day ago   05:58

The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise launching holiday 2020 with Project Scarlett.

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no we need to figth. what else??????!!!!!! so cool!!!!!!! so manly
Qing Xiang Yee
If only my phone restarted that quickly...
Patrick Locke
If that marine's name is Dustin Echoes I'm gonna lose my mind (in the best possible way).
Cheeseball Gooberpants
Am I the only one to hear that sax from odst when master chief was loaded in?
glitter bomb
2004: "I gotta go. We gonna play again soon?"
2020: "For sure, dude"
can we please stop this insane romance between man and artificial intelligence? They are friends! not lovers! 343, stop making it look like they're lovers!
Nilaksh Singh
5:16 original halo theme.
Erik Bananaman
Has anyone else noticed that it says the year "2561" in chiefs helmet during the booting?
GaiAz Reborn
NPC guy: We going home
*the sound of shield recharge
Me:Ye, we going home
Crystal Ojeda
11 years after Halo 3.
Me: Team Assemble!!!!
Old Friends: H Time
Jacob Cancino
I swear he says "theres nothing for us here, hunting party erased"
Megalaton 112
THANK GOD I missed chief
Berry McKokinger
This is actually Halo 4. The other ones were just an alternate timeline.
Kevin R
Holiday 2020?! Which Holiday?!
Captain FALKEN
Giving the Covenant back their bomb
There 343i, is this something so hard to do 7 years ago?
RedRam Ipsen
Is it me or did the guys beard get longer ?
He most have been alone on that ship for a long ass time
LegendMUSK E
That shield recharge tho
The YAK Daddy’s
I’m confused, this isn’t taking place after 5, is it a prequel? Someone please explain?
Nick Guerrine
is it true that the guy who mode the music for Starbound is doing the music for this too? Because that sure does sound like his music : )
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Day 3 of the B stream in Montpellier!

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