Coastal Systems: Longshore Beach Stack Formation 1 day ago   07:26

In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales and author of Coastal Systems (2016, University of Wales Press).
Topics: beach cusps, longshore (littoral) drift, sediment sinks and traps, re-entrant trap, sediment (circulatory) cell, submarine canyon, deep sink, salient trap, spit, tombolo, barrier, breakwater, groyne, equilibrium trap, cuspate foreland, coastal management, sand conservation, swash, backwash
Location: Cap Coz (Finistere, France).
Latitude/longitude (for Google Earth): 47°53'25.02"N, 3°58'27.26"W.
Further reading: S. K. Haslett (2016) Coastal Systems, 3rd Edition. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 230pp. Available from : (see Section 2.6.3).
Camera operator: Dr David Simm (Bath Spa University).

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Stack Formation Coastal Systems: Longshore Beach 1 day ago   00:29

Stop motion animation demo, using cheap and readily available materials.