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Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Jody Mitoma
Well as a 31 year old, this was a lot of fun to watch. :) I haven't been in the loop.
Iván Enns
That intro is glorious
Good job guys
What if they just used dittos dna and mews dna to replicate and evolve a new mew...
Josiah Kaminski
Jerome Alday
Lololololol this theory is already confirmed years ago.
ZaneTNS _
oh no i will have nightmares aaaa no why did you make a scary video on ahtahuhus something 58 oh no help a
Legendary X
My question is... Where’s Ash? Did Ash finally die? Or......
Blake Young
Its funny how new and mewtwo look different but one is supposed to be a clone of the other
Chairman Meow
Come on, we all fucking know very well what Ditto's purpose is.
Dana Mapalad
Actually, I remember there was an instance of Blue (the girl one) fron pokemon adventures using her ditto as a mask to copy a person's face. So there is a canon moment where ditto transforms into something it doesn't see at that moment!
Estonian Bastard
detective decker!
Good, now make Pokemon Rusty live action
don't touch my YouTube account you brat
After that backstory scene in the near end of the movie, it all made sense. Why would ryan Reynolds play pikachu and the dad? Because he was the dad all along
Person Who likes cats
I’m good at being alone at night. - Tim Goodman,Detective pikachu
Landon Beckman
ugh, i hate it when people use pre 6th gen shiny pokemon in something of proof, they didn't pick the colors, they went one color pallet over and because they're both similar colors, they share very similar pallets, so they get switched to have similar pallets, which is the same reason there are so many blue pokemon that turn pink/purple, and why a bunch yellow/brown pokemon turn very slightly greenish and end up as disappointing shinies. it doesn't really damage the theory, but i just get annoyed whenever anyone uses it as proof or complains about a pre 5th gen shiny and says something like "why didn't they pick another color" as if they actually went through the trouble of picking 251 alternate pallets they thought most people would never see for gold and silver, much less going and programming in individual pallets instead of just probably (don't know for sure if this is how it actually technically works) just having it go "if X pokemon is shiny, pallet is +1" or something along those lines
Tensa Zangetsu
Didn't that Ditto transform into a cannon in that episode to shoot down the Meowth Balloon? I don't remember if there was a cannon nearby, but all she said was"Ditto...Transform!" and it turned into a cannon. If it's memory is so bad, why did the cannon work properly?
Cosmic Dragneel
And then gen 5 and 6. In ggen 5 we had a movie with mega mewtwo y wich was added in gen6
Chilling With Charlie Lynch
Welcome To Film... ah game.. I really don’t know any more. So welcome to... Game Film theory. GIVE ME 10 likes please
👇 thy
im fine
I remember a scene from the anime where Jesse and James shows a picture of Dragonite in a book, to a ditto, but instead of what they wanted, the Ditto transformed into the book
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Weird Pets I Had Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu 2 days ago   12:24

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