The iFunniest CSGO Moments "Squad Stupidity" | H1Z1: KOTK 2 weeks ago   11:00

meme connoisseurs beware

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Sorry for missing last Saturday's upload! Enjoy this mid week vid, and keep an eye out for another vid this weekend ;)
German Fernandez
That could actually work
Wa Ge
Dude fuck you and fuck fitz, i recently had a bad trip and you nearly got me to have another one!
Had quite recently a really bad trip, started having constant dejavus and felt like i had lived my life before.
Last week i watched this video.

Fast forward to yesterday. I smoke a bowl, feeling quite good, trying to ease into the feeling of being high.
Do my shit i do before just lying down, got a hot water bottle cause it's -8 degrees in germany.
Snuggle into bed, open up my laptop and look, a recomended new fitz video shows up!
I open it up, thinking it'll be fun to get a laugh before watching some movie.
Start watching the first few minutes and i get a creeping sensation. I heard this joke before.
As soon as this starded sinking into my already quite slow mind i got a feeling of dread. This can't be, i can't again have such a fucking bad trip, i must have seen this video before.
My stomach tensed up as i edged closer to the button to exit the full screen.
I clicked it, and there was the worst possible outcome that i could have imagined.
Uploaded 5 hours ago.
5 hours ago
I couldn't have heard this joke before.
I just couldn't have, right?
Only if... i had lived before.

I start panking more and more, thinking of other possible sulutions.
Open up my history, out of pure desperation i search the new video, maybe i had seen it before and i just had lost my whole memory of the evening. No results, look up fitz, no results either.
Think about other channels i had watched in the past, think that maybe someone of the crew could have uploaded the same joke.
See with swaggersouls 3 results, open up all of them because i need to be certain for 100%, i can't let this slide, i feel like i'm going insane.
Skim through the 2 older videos, leaving the newest as the last.
As i finish with the second one i'm feeling more and more anxious, the knowing sensation befalls me that this is my last chance.
I go through it, see that wage fap is shown at the 4. minute mark.
I start interpertating it as if that it's the new form of wa ge, the wagegap joke in fitzs video.
My heart is on 160 right now, racing for me to find a solution, i skim through the rest of the video.
I start giving in to the fact that the world has repeated, i don't go to my tower-pc to look through my history as i've just submitted.
I just delude myself that it's okay, trying to fall asleep and not to get a panik attack.

Wake up this morning, watch this shit video again, to make sure i hadn't overlooked something.
I get to the 6. minute mark. and see wa ge standing next to swagger.
The wa ge joke comes up again.
Relief fills my body.

You motherfuckers had 2 different versions. Fitzs is slightly after yours, he took the audio and put it over him, in your video the clip is taken whilst you are still in spawn and can't move, fitz is already running in his.
My fucked brain can't understand that when i'm high, please use one format or make a disclaimer in your videos that you're reusing your jokes, take consideration for your audience, i probably can talk for many and say we're pretty fucked up.
Brendan Smith
“I’m gonna go get some darts from the servo cunt” love it😂
Im a thot sandwich,want a bite?
I saw the knee gears joke on iFunny and didn’t get it till now
fancy xenomorph
SwaggerSouls is like mean jesus on weed
Literally had to put a blanket in my mouth so I didn’t wake up my brother with my laughs
can we get 1,000 subs with no videos
Dude I bet no one was ready for swagger to recite that whole poem lol
Abraham Ordaz
When swagger says something smart and everyone thinks they’re high
Vlogger Tube
Cadence phonos and phrob
Vlogger Tube
Cadence phonos and phrob
A big Fish
His fucking laugh sounds like that one dude’s laugh when you die in a game of black ops 1 zombies
Juan Avendano
I just realized I've not been subbed
Ethan Hanratanagorn
Swagger has a good brit impression
eoT giB
Why it seem like swagger is howtobasic?
Gimme The Timbs
pirate _flop
1:28 lmao my name is tyreese
anime god 666
Idk y but swagger reminds me of weegie plays
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"Squad Stupidity" | H1Z1: KOTK The iFunniest CSGO Moments 2 weeks ago   17:22

"Somehow we're still making it to the fucking top thirty every single fucking time with this shitty ass squad" -Fitz

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