Dragon's Lair - Game Grumps Best of Game Grumps - Sonic 2 months ago   34:25

Enter... The Dragon's Lair.
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Jeff Newlin
Now play Space Ace!
Snuggle Muffins
I hope you guys realize that “Dragon’s Lair” is the name of an ost from Sonic and the Black Knight.

And although it was a shitty game, the soundtrack was spectacular.

Also, I’m aware that Arin doesn’t read Youtube comments.
Nicolas Wilson
I think I would do better since I don’t get distracted by girls who are pretty........UGLY but seriously the princess looks like a gold digger or a prostitute
resist the need to search Daphne porn
Daphne is basically pin up Thumbelina, Don Bluth really did only know how to draw like, three characters, but dammit if he didn’t draw them well lol
knight of equestria sir dashy
The original dark souls game
Raun Carswell
I like to think that while you were fighting the Dragon, Princess Daphne was getting more and more wet.
If you can pause it at the right time at 29:03 that Daphne pose is just mmffff
Adam Roos
I love the reason Arin gets distracted is because of a girl.
WeirdGirl 17
Why does Princess Daphne make me question my sexuality?!
Joel Strong
They made Daphne so sexy on purpose, I’m beginning to believe. They knew it would take everyone 500 tries to beat the end because they wouldn’t stop staring at her.
Lil Miss Jay
I'm insanely upset that neither of them noticed that Dayan's final score was 46920 which is 69 chilling in 420's lap
Carter Rose
Play space ace next!
Chandler Birdwell

Daphne: save me!
In the original arcade version, there were almost no prompts at all. You had to be immersed in it and act like you're actually controlling the cartoon and not responding to prompts
The ZombieGG
This game looks easy from my point of view but I bet it's fucking impossible
I wanna see Arin and Dan drawn in Bluth’s style!
Isha chan
I think this was one of the games our teacher showed us in art class. Wasn't all of it hand drawn?
Larry Productions
She's hot
Daphne is a babe
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