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Trevor Noah
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Trevor Noah
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Brasa Entertainments Edition
Why do i get the clip of trevor's mum being shot n his little baby brother was crying over other stupid things😇
Veronica Vee Vee
Omg he is funny!! I'm gonna watch more of his stuff 🤣🤣
Corrie De Beer
Ag kaffer please!
Soooooo funy. Keep it up the world need you.
Ng bube
Keep representing...
Your ear for accents is ay-mayzing. Could listen to you forever!
The first clip had me dying😂😂
13:00 star wars predicted trumps plan to keep em out. Lol no Mexicans in the distant futer. Tey be at the other side of the holographic force wall. 👌
Babar Khan
Love you man! In a straight way! Keep well and hope to see you one day! I have been to your country and it’s amazing! Allah bless South Africa!
Cary Savage
That skit about the surfer is very real. I met two surfers in Santa Monica who had never left California in their 25 years who didn’t know if Cincinnati was a city or a state. They were literally having an argument about it. Un-fucking-believable!
Fatma Said
mario cesar
Corey Washington
Very refreshing to hear your perspective on social life. Humans are very funny
Basanta Subedi
Aooooo !! You are so fancy aye. 😁
Amelia Brown
Trevor you are hilarious 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😘💯💯💯
Noraine Jalipa
a mistake, to watch this video alone in the middle of the crowd.. i almost, almost burst in laughter!! 😂😂😂
*still struggling to stop it though*
musasizi shamilah
Yma Allen
The Australian one lmao accurate!!!
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The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen Trevor Noah - MOST VIEWED 3 weeks ago   05:56

French president Emmanuel Macron thinks Europe should give African nations their art back, but other Europeans are less than enthused.

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