Exports boost US economic growth Parliament holds Brexit debate: 5 months ago   00:46

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The US economy is performing strongly. GDP grew at its fastest pace in two years between July and September - up by 2.9 percent from the same period last year, a big increase on the 1.4 percent pace in the second quarter.

There was a surge in exports and companies built up their inventories after running them down in the second quarter.

That offset a slowdown in consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of US economic activity. It increased at a 2.1 percent rate, down from th…
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Parliament holds Brexit debate: Exports boost US economic growth 5 months ago   00:00

Theresa May suffered yet another humiliating Brexit ambush last night as a group of rebel MPs SUNK her No Deal plans.

Labour joined forces with the DUP and Tory rebels to pass a motion 303 to 296 which will make it much harder to leave with no agreement in place at all.

Around 20 Tories defied the Government and teamed up with Jeremy Corbyn to BAN ministers from changing tax laws in a No Deal situation unless MPs openly vote for it, we get a deal passed, or Article 50 is delayed...

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Theresa May suffers humiliating Brexit defeat as rebel Conservative MPs unite with Labour to block the Government raising taxes in No Deal scenario:

Ireland blocks Theresa May’s eleventh-hour plea to save her Brexit deal and offers just a vague exchange of letters:

Theresa May invites Boris Johnson and Brexit rebels to No10 for drinks in desperate bid to win backing for her deal:

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