bunny's first birthday party hall of fame induction | Shawn 5 days ago   14:42

julien solomita

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When she got up on the couch and wasn't told to get off she seemed so confused. Like "wait, it worked this time??"
Also if you y'all want squeaky, tuff, stuffed animal toys then I highly recommend the fluff and tuff toys. Still possible to tear through and get the stuffing, but it takes a lot of chewing on to do so since it's super layered with pretty tough material. I got my border collie/heeled mix an elephant one, and it took her a few weeks before she chewed into the foot a tiny bit. And our friends pit bull and boxer haven't chewed through or destroyed it as well. So it's a good toy for big puppers.
Kylah Reed
why did this make me cry
Christine Lawrence
GAHHH THIS VIDEO MADE ME CRY!!!! Shes come such a long way already 😭 happy birthday ❤️❤️❤️
why would anyone dislike this video....
Katie Thomazin
8:14 I’m fucking dead
Evy Wharton
When Kermit started to whine I said good morning kermit😅
Kristin Etzel
The family photo of Julien and the dogs is so precious
Opening shot: "oh no why is bunny crying?"

camera pans to cermet: "... Ah."
Is that a tattoo of Bunny or did he get it before that?
Yazzy M
i share birthday month with four adorable doggos and i feel so blessed ahh yaay ^*^
It looks like she's already come a long way with climbing the stairs and eating her food. She seems to be doing really well with you guys!
Richard Senuty
Bunny looks very happy
Breyergal Isabel
I am still amazed with Bunny's progress! You guys have done a wonderful job working with her. I hope for many more birthdays for all of your dogs. Watching Bunny run down both flights of stairs with confidence nearly made me cry. She has come so far!
When will bunny be allowed to sleep outside of the cage?
Krista Williams


*I can't swim*
nothing makes me happier than seeing jenna and julien giving bunny the life she deserves
Dana Gray
More Bunny videos please.
Jazzmyne Martin
Trying not to sound stupid but I'm not familiar with Greyhounds but is she underweight or is that a breed norm?
So sweet!!!!
Taylor Troxell
Cooking vid between Cermet and Paesh’s bday?
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hall of fame induction | Shawn bunny's first birthday party 5 days ago   23:54

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Okay guys, today is Part 2 of my weekend getting inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame two weeks ago!! Andrew and I wanted to give you guys an inside look at what the day was like for us both. Like I said last video, this is a moment I'll never forget. I can't wait to tell our kids about this weekend and how perfect it was. It was seriously so special to have my entire family there supporting me, it made the moment even more memorable. We're so excited to re-live this weekend with you guys & hope you enjoy it as much as we did :) Make sure to tune in for our next video where we'll be going back to the pregnancy series and doing some fun stuff prepping for baby East ;)

Love - Shawn Johnson + Andrew East (+ little baby East)

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