Make a Simple Animated Intro How to Export Using Shotcut | Free 2 days ago   08:40

Tux Designer
Making a simple fading white-on-black title logo intro with a subscribe reminder and music. Remember to make your intro SHORT or fans will hate having to skip all the time. Subscribe for regular updates!


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Tux Designer
More in-detail tutorial for Shotcut (and how to download):
Franki Montez
That was so helpful thank you so much, subscribed!:-)
Thanks helped alot
5000000000 ABBOS OHNE VIDEO lol
Ich hab irgendwie das Gefühl das du auch einen Deutschen Kanal hast. Ich glaube App Pro
The 8 Below Kitchen
As someone very new to YouTube, this was very helpful! Thanks!
Joe Rex
It could be more easier to understand if you do it more slowly and you will not make errors yourself. I've watch some video tutors who moves there mouse around so much and fast that I have a hard time following them. Sometimes they only move it around as a form of a habit .
Anuj Chauhan music
Great video, really helpfull!!👍👍👌👌
Anthonin G
3:19 Niiiiiice
Bettye's Cooking Channel
Great video.
Dirty Horse, hmmmm
Nice Man can I get a
it's very helpful for me since I'm still beginner thank you!
A Real Life Fantasy
Martin G
Fantastic! Thank you.
Greg Turismo
Thanks for the help! I've been making a handful of videos and I want to learn something new each time.
Lee But
Nice video, and well presented, but the title suggests that this video was to show how to make an animated (moving) intro rather than a dissolve/fade transition on static text. The title is a bit click baitish. Other than that, very good and thank you for making it.
Twitch Tv Btw
Intro gave me ligma
flerper derper
>20 minute videos
"wow too long make a short one too much unnecessary time"
>8 minute videos
"wow you went too fast how am I supposed to keep up"
Julius Edwin L.
Thank you for your video, It's Helpful!
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How to Export Using Shotcut | Free Make a Simple Animated Intro 2 days ago   06:16

Video on settings for exporting using shotcut with minimal or no quality loss for youtube.

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