Let's Talk About Tesla EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS 2 weeks ago   09:39

Marques Brownlee
The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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Rivian: https://vimeo.com/303082948
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Teslanomics video: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/5sJ9ar9zSIx

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Why does Tesla not make a truck model then?
Carlo Garcia
Excellent Video. Rivian has made promises before and never delivered. They will probably bring something out when they say they will but hey...just like Marques said they are running so far behind.
the eabster
Tesla fanboy
2 Nate's
I don't want autonomous driving,takes more of our freedom
Mr B2stunt
Listening to you makes me want to invest in Tesla.
You should review the review the Jaguar e pace, while not a tesla killer, it might be a Model X price lowerer. ;)
they were the hot showcase at the LA Auto Show that just passed and compared to Tesla, the Rivian which looks like being engineered by the smartest Indian mofos, their vehicles are actually useful with all its futuristic features actually being used unlike the Tesla's that are merely for looks! Starting at 45k for the green frog looking suv and 59k for the frog truck, not freaking bad... Shoot, every car maker is now jumping into the electric bandwagon and the newest Jaguar eletro is not looking bad! Of course, with technology always failing no matter how fancy or how expensive it is, these electric cars you will mostly worn't be able to do ur own work on them.... Fuck that!

oh, and one of the presenters of this company said that green suv didn't do good in accident testing.... but both have vigorously been tested for more and more improvements for the past 3 years and so forth almost ready for mass production to perfection! lol... We'll see, I love competition and price dropping!
can you do a review of the new Nio S6 electric SUV? It is a huge deal in China now
Cade Holbrook
$69,000 isn't exactly affordable for really anyone
Robert Barnhart
No electric car company will kill Tesla until the infrastructure is in place for people to charge.
More competition can only be a good thing. Tesla will not ever have the capacity to make every vehicle in the world, no automaker has ever come close to even 25% of the market. The “Tesla killer” nonsense is just a ridiculous construct invented by click bait car journalists. You’ll notice the Tesla killers are always available 2-3 years from when the article is written. Unless it is available now it is just delaying the ICE to EV transition.
that price is nice.
It's embarrassing that neither Ford, GM nor Ram came up with a legit truck and big suv EV . They had plenty of time and all the money and have yet to produce anything worthy.
Justin Mungoway
I have a prediction: In the future when full touch screens are the standard in cars, physical buttons will be a feature in luxury cars and/or will be an option you will have to pay for.

Lord Knight
To anyone who making electric car:
Please use TESLA CHARGER. Make it easy for use.
Don't fuck this transition up.
Tulsa Fox
Did you say built-in air compressor? Hell yeah
Karrar Almimar
Sounds like Marques has taken some microeconomics I see!
Churly Puig
what camera are you using sir???? :3
good for kidnapping definitely getting
Joseph Samsor
I would prefer them to actually make a useful electric car. That truck is way too expensive for absolutely no advantages over a diesel powered truck that can without a doubt last 200k+ miles. It’s cool, but they need to make something that your average new car buyer can look at, and think “why wouldn’t I buy that?”
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EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS before it is deleted, Why is the US government always hiding it world news

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