CSGOG Grandad plays Lawn As Seen on TV Tech Gadgets TESTED! 2 days ago   07:43

CSGOG Grandad plays Lawn Darts on his own 😢. Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? This is to make up for the rather poor April Fool video this morning.

Lawn Dart - I Fall Poor - spoof - just for fun https://ai-tube.com/videoai/RvIZi-x9cXZ

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XDeelan Ratsegg
At least they don't kill you like Jarts did.
Mike Flight
You know, I have always said that everyone should carry a set of lawn darts in their car. You just never know when the urge to play will come on, plus it could become an Olympic sport.
Do you not remember when darts (the normal pub darts) were seriously suggested as becoming an Olympic sport? I am not kidding. I remember the suggestion from some big darts players.
Could you imagine Jocky Wilson or Bobby George as an athlete? Although both arms were very powerful. One to throw the darts and the other to hold a pint of beer. LOL
I watched you as you played this.
I heard you talking to yourself.
I saw you drop the camera.

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