"Don't Lose Your Accent How Trevor Noah uses accents 1 day ago   07:14

Trevor Noah
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Aarjav Parmar
Tei Warjri
The funniest and smartest comedian 😂
Jacques Stander
Racist idiot.
*accents from people going abroad, hahahaha from Kenya to S.A*
If you loose your accent don’t come back 😂😂 capetownian
I am both French and South African so yes.... i order boerwors like that 😂
Vera 1957
Robert Mueller ends probe no indictments no collusion
More then two and a half years of the obvious.
Judith Nagle
Supposedly, it's impossible to understand a word from a Hungarian who learned to speak English in Scotland.
Ab Aha
Speak for yourself, so you are claiming to be French? They use accents on their words do they not?
Rj Yee
Free thing on free things
Blessing Ngubane
Trevor is telling the truth White people in South Africa are loosing their accent serious they want to speak isizulu
Ice Xiao
I studied English as a second language in high school, starting from learning ABC. They also had mandatory French classes. Oh boy was I messed up.
Dad Bob
Why is you act like you no bad but you bad use bad things to make people like you then mess up and look like ebola
Anil Eapen
Trevor lacks intelligence, sense of humor and now his show is cancelled. Karma just kicked his a*s.
Arina Savva
F@$)! Its so funny!!!!
Conn Benn
Depends where you are, accents can definitely indicate intelligence. If you live in somewhere like Britain and have an American accent, that’s an indication you watched too much murican tv growing up, which is an indication of bad parenting which probably means you’re dumb too. Or if you have a ‘ghetto’ accent then you’re probably dumb aswell. But that’s only in your native language. If you mean someone having an accent in a different language then it’s probably safe to assume they are smarter than you since they know more than 1 language ya retarded monolinguals!
Master Sergent
The vid ain't free u get paid for a view from YouTube
Master Sergent
My phone fell from my hand lol
leni avita
I love you lah this accent comefrom china and indonesia🤭🤭🤭🤭
This „Trevor“-Scene almost killed me 😂
Reminded me when I was in Portugal for the first time.
I was looking for a street called “Rua das Flores”, couldn’t find it.
So I was endlessly asking for the way, but nobody understood me.
“Des-kulpa, Rrrua dass Flohres?” -“I dont know.”
After asking three people, the fourth asked me to show him the street on the map. I showed him.
He: “Aaaaaaah, Hua dsch Flrsch!”
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How Trevor Noah uses accents "Don't Lose Your Accent 1 day ago   13:28

I look at how Trevor Noah pokes and prods at every angle of languages and accents to bring about truly great sets

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