The Blind Smartphone Camera Test May's Proposed Brexit Deal 6 months ago   19:54

Marques Brownlee
Finally! After millions of blind votes. The results are revealed.

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Sion Marak
*Pocophone beats iPhoneX by people's choice and it's a fact*
I'm kinda late to this, but how is the samsung A50 comparing to Xiaomi's camera's?
gopi s
Poco flagship killer 😎
I vote for Nokia 3310
Giovana Samara
17:33 Very true. My siblings all believe the best smartphone camera of all times is the Galaxy S7's camera.
They don't even want to upgrade their phones, because they truly believe they peaked with the S7. 🤷‍♀️
MrKiLLBiLL Gaming
MKB: the more brighter photo doesn't mean a good photo

*clearly poco beat mate 20 pro in the last round right?!*
Kaibalya Dey
ζαηΣ Lαβrαdør
0:00 GAY
people are so blind
Abhishek Mondal
So the iphones lost for being too realistic lol wtf
Abhishek Mondal
My frnd has a poco and i have an iphon x and iphone killed it idk wtf is this comparison poco wasn’t just as natural
Ariq Fauzan
This video summed up:
Kam K
anyone else confused as hell?
Jovial Jose
Can't wait for the next.
Ramon Castillo
I don’t think people are getting the point, the point is that cameras are not bad and average people are not photographers so they don’t know the best photo on their phones
The problem is that people didnt know how it ACTUALLY looks
Screaming Llamas
I was surprised. The bad photos often won.
If you do this again do three different shots for each phone, one low light, one daylight and one studio light shot and chose the one with the most overall votes.
The reviewers getting it totally wrong as opposed to the masses. To be trusted anymore?
Peyton Howard
Razer Phone 2 beats the One+6😂
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May's Proposed Brexit Deal The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 6 months ago   11:26

The UK and EU have finally reached an agreement on the terms of the UK leaving the EU. We discuss what is included in this 585 page proposed deal. Including the Irish/Northern Irish backstop, citizens rights, and the divorce payment.

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