The Blind Smartphone Camera Test May's Proposed Brexit Deal 2 weeks ago   19:54

Marques Brownlee
Finally! After millions of blind votes. The results are revealed.

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Cade Holbrook
I like your shirt
Ramtej K
Huawei knows what's best for the customers , apple should take note !
"raise your hand if you had a perfect bracket.....put your hand down your lying"
Ma God
The pocophone photos looked cleaner idk why
Mason Wasson
"Put your hand down, your lying."
I'm glad the Pocophone and the Mate did so well. People have assumptions about things just because of how much something cost.
Duca Strata
Are you shifting the Apple Eco system?🤔
Mortn 007
Kamran Rizvi
You Forgot iPhone XR
Thomas T.
do the same with night sight night mode etc
and selfie ofc
Again you are such a legend in phone testing, total no bias at all.. you just crush ijustin dream.. also i've constantly heard, picture taken from android phone sucks when using apps like instagram compare to iphone.. could you do a test for that and the reason why it may happen if it does please? Thank you :)
Yussef Ibn la ahad
Pocophone is a beast
Swagat Susmoy
Hey I suggest you go for a camera test on some better sites like Google Plus where pics aren't compressed
Nice test really like it says. Would be interesting to see how a DSLR with a massive sensor would compare in the same test - should obliterate the phones right? But yeah as you said tiny image that people are viewing on a smartphone might not compare well when scaled up.
Mohd Ashraf
The best way to do is to going on street and doing survey ,showing them the full resolution photo and maybe asking some photographer about which is better .. but then again that is just my opinion
Shaik Anees
12:27 Comon Justine change your name from iJustine to BJustine.
Realme C1
So poco becomes less appealing by Google camera mod?
World travels and Best Kept Secrets
Amazing test wouldn't it be lovely if this comparison test was done with many other subject ? Great work Kid keep up the good work your channel is very creative and informative .
Ben Lucas
How is it possible that the pixel lost? I call bullshit
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May's Proposed Brexit Deal The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2 weeks ago   11:26

The UK and EU have finally reached an agreement on the terms of the UK leaving the EU. We discuss what is included in this 585 page proposed deal. Including the Irish/Northern Irish backstop, citizens rights, and the divorce payment.

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