Key Republican senator Susan Collins Watch: Senate votes on confirmation 2 days ago   44:20

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pat butler
common sense
Never see this on MSN. It never happened. .
common sense
I think she saw the latest polls in her state.
Hanna Reese
Getting real sick of the republicans trotting out their female members to distract from the fact that this is A RAPE TRIAL. It's cheap and I think every single woman who lets themselves be used as a shield for Brett Kavanaugh is a steaming pile of Donald Trump's greasy shit. i feel like people who protest the support and rights of abuse victims should be considered fair game for those types of abuse. I want Theresa May's house to burn down like Grenfell, and I want Trump to lose an election to voter fraud, and I want this stupid bitch to have her asshole pulled out like an old sock from relentless gang rape.
common sense
Somebody shoved a RED pill down her throat. We'll see how long the effects last.
Kelly Hamon
What an amazing speech!
Masha Mitchell
republicans are a disease on the country. I hope they lose Congress next month.
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Watch: Senate votes on confirmation Key Republican senator Susan Collins 2 days ago   1:00:14

Watch the Senate vote on confirming Brett Kavanaugh as an associate justice. The vote is expected to start at about 3:30 p.m. ET.

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