Exclusive: The Nipsey Hussle Store The Black Dot Finally shares his thoughts 1 day ago   11:12

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I feel like (I think a few if not all have said it) that footage will be used as evidence. Let's check back after the trial has begun to see if they use it. If not THEN we can go on the hunt for the "lost" footage. Dope video tho! Thx for the view into his store 🔵💙
traveon miller
They got the footage, but it's not for everybody to see, nobody wants to see nipsy getting shot up all close up all on social media, other countries show ppl getting heads chopped off and some, America is not like that, just imagine seeing ppl heads blown off and some on daily, ppl can't handle that,so news give u just enough.
They ain’t gonna just put all this footage out they don’t care if you want to see it.
Priscilla DeJesus
Wheres the person that's suppose to b watching them cameras why didnt they see all the suspicious signs
Yahboi Shortii
If the black community is doing great the police and the jail system won't make money 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ they make money of us shooting each others and shit smfh.. Sad but that's the country we live in
reggie williams
Maybe they didn’t want anybody to see it.
Everything is under investigation, so unless the LAPD releases the footage. We'll never see the light or day.

Think about it, you think the store would release the footage? That's why TMZ must have paid money to release the footage from the other store. There's no conspiracy. This was the samething with Philando Castle.
To name it the marathon , it could mean he running a marathon on how long it will last for him to work there. It sound like a hopeless name for a store.
Mr. Smith
Just a thought...what if Nipsey instructed his brother & staff to take the camera footage and hide it so he could get his own justice and not to mention how much $$$$ that footage will be worth down the road...or it's for his bio-pic...just wanted to share some thoughts✌🏼
Mwambu Wade
Cowboy said 3 seconds in 1 interview and said 5 seconds in another interview, 3 cameras disarmed, definitely an inside job and a doctored camera from who ever owned gas station ,THE WHITE GUY WAS THE SHOOTER ,the black guy was a hologram merged with the white guys reflection off of the store window....
Tee Bee
No bull*":; tho
Adrian Reeves
Bruh, since when has ALL of the evidence from a case been released to the public?? You think the damn DA is trying to put all that out there to help the defense? Stop using that man's death as a game for your little fuck boy videos.
Ummmm....police will NEVER release footage of an active invest man......TMZ & all others are Bottom feeders & have absolutely NO interest in solving a crime....they just want the views
Fabian Meneses
They probably cant release this info due to case still ongoing.
Fabian Meneses
I like that hip hop “loose change” spin to the beat.
o998 7745
Google cameras can go inside the actual store.
Juan Lopez
Some1 messed with all seveillence cameras plain n simple cameras are to see everything plaiin clear no bull that o its blurry bullshit
Justin Lopez
Nipsey was a Freemason. They stage these events ALLLLLLLLL THEEEEE TIMEEEEE
U think he died? Shame on your blind eyes.
The whole thing was a Fucking Hoax man.
No Blood on his body or the ground. Shot 6 times.
His mother was smiling and laughing while being coached to read a script.

Stop being a Sucka for false idols
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The Black Dot Finally shares his thoughts Exclusive: The Nipsey Hussle Store 1 day ago   44:49

After giving it much thought, the Black Dot has finally decided to share his thoughts on the passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle.

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