Exclusive: The Nipsey Hussle Store Nipsey Hussle Friend Cowboy 1 day ago   11:12

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Lakshmi Kimmu
It's always a inside job. Seriously tho.
Key Milly
cameras work jus don't record
Key Milly
cameras work jus don't record
Key Milly
cameras work jus don't record
C Robbins
Cowboy is shady! I just do not think as smart as Nipsey was he would not have working cameras! It just do not make sense! This is really deep! Many people involved and Holder just a fall guy! This was planned!
Thomas Mcdowell
There was an FBI agent on the set up.
mwaka lengalenga
Nah forget the cameras for a bit, from this view you can see that someone in the store or outside could have dragged Nip inside the store while eric was running to the corner and coming back to shoot him again, I know it's easier said than done but it still could have been done, that's why his brother and his friends kept saying people run away instead of helping, and that's why blacsam is mad, and he said his rethinking everything they believed in. And cowboy came out of the store like the flash immediately Eric was done, for a person that was in the breakroom, that tells me he was watching inside.
lateasha penn
Somebody took that video or they cut the cameras off it was some shady shit going on and for them to do that to Nip that was so fucked up on everything level
Yonas Isaac
Lotus Cream
I dont care who put it out first come with the truth man damn R.I.P NIPSEY I NO LONGER SAY ITS A LITTLE NIPTY OUTSIDE I SAY ITS NIPSEY out because how dude did him cold
aamber brooks
nipsey had oops around him ! if they wasn’t around nipsey will still b here ! and my question is , is his baby mama all in this . she seems so suspect she dont even care abt him being gone lauren is the only taking this so hard and he only been in her life for 5 years and his babymama been in his life for lik 11 years idk
Bella Monroe
Just because his family decided not to release vidoe doesn't necessarily mean something is shady. I would want to release vidoe of my brother being murdered. I'm assuming the police have the videos and it's no different then the on released to public
I feel as tho them dudes are from the street. It the guy cowboy went in the building he might of been hitting a lick. And you definitely don’t record stuff like that. So the cameras might have been erased to protect ppl. Get it. 💭
monica unity
You on it.
Denise Day
Did Cowboy disable the cameras?
Denise Day
Cowboy knows more of what went on!!
Hester Bowen
Why didn't he have those cameras on his phone and at home
Modibo Balayira
Cowboys know that was a about to happen to nip ☹️😡
Definitely Gold
If his store footage works where is that video and in order to get the footage from the store someone on the inside of the store should have given it up..
Alabama Born Ball
And He also said that you can't do shit and Get away with it anymore because Cameras are everywhere.
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Nipsey Hussle Friend Cowboy Exclusive: The Nipsey Hussle Store 1 day ago   05:52

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