KPBS Suing San Diego Police Lifting the secretive veil on life 2 days ago   00:55

KPBS is asking police departments from across the county to open their books and show their records about officers who are under investigation. But KPBS investigative reporter Claire Trageser says the release of records are on hold, for now.

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Lifting the secretive veil on life KPBS Suing San Diego Police 2 days ago   11:14

If the 1980s were the decade of decadence, Adnan Khashoggi was the emperor of excess. Back then the Saudi arms dealer was the richest man in the world, flaunting his wealth like no one else. But among the super-yachts, jets and mansions, his greatest indulgence was a personal harem of young, beautiful women. Former model and Roxy Surfwear founder Jill Dodd was one of Khashoggi’s many female playthings, and after more than 30 years of keeping a very big secret has now decided it’s time to lift the veil on her life as a billionaire’s pleasure wife.
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producer: Michelle Tapper