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Attorney General William P. Barr holds a news conference to discuss special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s final report. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Hashi Dhorre
Exoneration Day
Hashi Dhorre
Handler is the beardmon
Hashi Dhorre
Let the Dixie's go for impeachment.
Grafx Guru
I want to know what is so incriminating that not one Republican will stand tall and face a series of questions thrown at them by the House. If there is nothing to hide or nothing that at least smells of coverup and manipulation, and deceit, then there should be no issue when having to answer any questions put to them. Barr is no exception. This stinks of fear of being "DISCOVERED". Cowards, liars. and manipulators. Sad state of affairs.
Scott Allen
Rosenstein resigned.
Vincent Williams
The last answer to the last question was great, NO! "Now I got some Taco Bell waiting for me." Bye Felicia!!!
Suzanne Flynn
If Barr is going to look in to the FISA abuse scandal as he has promised, he will eventually conclude that Rod Rosenstein, who he is now praising and who was a signer of at least one of the FISA applications, was involved in this coup attempt on Trump up to his eyebrows. Perhaps that is why Rod looks like someone is squeezing his nuts. Lol.
Justin Harrell
6:53-7:04 audio. Does an original exist?
Shannon D
Who is the dude with the beard??
Ian Micheal
CNN should be looked into, They time and time again told the american people lie's and they knew it..
Glenn Cerny
Rodentstein has that look of a person who knows they are headed to prison.
David Smith
Attorney General Barr holds press conference, or "How to ruin a good reputation and end a career on a bad note".
Jason H
Barr is great! Glad we have real adults in charge of this country again.
Shivan Anirudhra
Awkward moment for rosenstein

His new boss just read the report and realised he was in on the get Trump charade
Marshall Ray
One of the greatest press conferences I have ever seen. What a difference when lawful adults are in charge. Bad day for the lefties! Good day for true Americans!
Iqbal atwa
The american government DEA CIA FBI working with el chapo and Colombian cartels Boycott this rogue illegitimate barbaric state
Juana Dela Cruz
That's my kind of AG!
Artan Tereziu
God Bless America and William Barr . Melting the snowflakes one by one
Guido Dam
Trump trash
Lisa Locke
What is the matter with these reporters? Do they think before asking these questions? 🤦🏼‍♀️ painful! The last one saying he’s spinning this... how on earth do you conclude that from his statements? Jesus! Were you listening? Do you understand English?
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A.G. William Barr Testifies Watch: Attorney General Barr 2 days ago   1:46:34

Hearings to examine the Department of Justice's investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. #WilliamBarr #MuellerReport #DonaldTrump