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abbreviation of time
When Sandra bullock bumps into her doctor at the school for the deaf 😂😂😂 What are the chances
The message seemed all over the place, but it has one:
In the first scene there's this dialogue about running from the truth; you'd think it'd be "you can't run from the truth." WRONG. At the end there's that bit about lying to the kids because otherwise life isn't worth living. The moral is straight up: The truth sucks, don't look at it. Find yourself a good lie.
It's basically a reverse 'Plato's cave.'

That, and bald MAGA dude is always right. Show people no mercy, or else you'll get screwed over. (Which actually feeds into the truths sucks message.)

Actually, I think the best (most meta) thing about this movie's existential horror is all the dumb, wino soccer moms who find it uplifting.
Bhatt Hole
Cmon people, why you gotta hate? It's a good movie, and only needed a couple really tiny changes, which could have possibly catapulted it into a better movie. Those being:

A: A different adapted screenplay from an almost decent writer.
B: All different actors, especially the lead. That distracting and weird plastic-surgery-face Sandra Bullocks was, well, distracting.
C: A different director.
D: Completely different editing, pacing, sound, score, and cinematography.
E: Different catering company on-set (the rumor is that the burritos made everyone gassy, which decreased efficiency).
F: Transgender representation! The lead, and all supporting actors should have been trannies. I mean, it just works! Everyone just adores them people, right? We have to! (or else)

See how little it would have taken? Just the slightest of barely noticeable tweaks, and you'd have a slightly more enjoyable film.
Josue Munoz
Really want to hear your thoughts on "Glass"
Netflix basically only has netflix made movies its going down the tubes
Thomas Abaffy
"What are you, happy?" LOL
Scott Johnson
Is Jay were one of Mike's shirts? Seems a tad big.
When I see Sandra Bulldog's mug, I can only think about how many foreskins from mutilated Korean babies are inside her face right now.
Sandra Bullock was the only thing I really like about this movie. It sucks how much you guys are bagging on her.
I've been waiting to watch this review since it came out, but hadn't seen Bird Box yet. And then I heard that I should probably watch A Quiet Place first, so I did that. And then I finally watched Bird Box, all just to watch this review which I is what I wanted to watch in the first place. And I agree with everything you said except about Sandy B cause I love her but yeah. Your reviews are better than the movies they're about a lot of the time. So thanks!
I clean my birdbox twice a week.
The film suffered from a really arbitrary set of rules. The "crazy people" twist was fine enough but the fact that the monster couldn't enter inside spaces is never explained, and then there's a specific thing that happens with one character right before they die that makes no sense except for the explanation of "lurv conquers all." The novelist character probably explains what the monster is, but none of the characters ever questions why the rules are the way they are. It's just a lazy script probably based on lazy writing, and there was a really great moment on the river where the film could've taken a dark and thought-provoking turn and it didn't, and then the ending was sunshine and roses. Really lame movie.
needs more Chunky's Chicken
Is this the first time they've ever talked about Sandra Bullock?
Bert Caitbgoe
They should also make a film where a monster makes you crazy and murderous unless you are wearing crotchless chinos, with your junk hanging out, and a straw hat on your head. And the movie is just people going to work in their crotchless chinos and straw hats and nothing bad happening, except the odd embarrassing arousal, and some slug trails on the furniture.
Bert Caitbgoe
My one problem with A Quiet Place (which I enjoyed as a solid 7/10), was that they were able to break the rules without consequences. Once that happened, the tension dissipated for me and it became just a pretty average-good popcorn flick. Slick, but unmemorable. I will admit that they got the father-daughter relationship spot-on, but even that wasn't new, or interesting; just kind of decent; it was enough. It honestly would have been better though if the father had resented her and before what happened at the end there was a reckoning in which everyone had it all out and found a way to heal the mistakes of the past. That would have made for a much more interesting family dynamic.
Herbert West
Suicide Collectors is a weird, "every one is committing suicide" novel, I'd kinda like to see turned into a movie. The book has a pretty weak third act, so it's something a screen writer could improve upon.
i was worried that i was the only one who thought this movie was ok at best
Alana Banana
The movies is worse than the book, but then again the book wasn't that great, I didn't like the main character at all in both versions. The ending was much more twisted in the book than in the movie but kinda dumbed down. I'm reading House of Leaves because I want to forget this existed. I loved John Malcovich, he's the only character I liked because he was an asshole and a realist. But it's not even a good film for a mom because my mom fell asleep watching it with the birdbox challenge! XD
maddforit maddforit
Did You Say Meth-Flicks? lol
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