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I was reluctant to watch this movie because I absolutely hate the name and I'm not a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, or children. I watched the Quiet place before this movie and liked it infinitely more. I basically gave into the hype and.. well... that's two hours I can't get back.
mc bad robot voice
You guys believe in the 9/11 moon landings?
Big Tap Dancing Pimp
Idk, (Im a girl in my 20s, and don't even have any social media accounts, you could argue this counts but I never really read comments) and I didn't know there was a bird box challenge til today , June 2019, and I never heard anything about the movie til my coworker said she liked it. I missed Netflix bragging about it entirely, also. And that was about it. I watched it and I enjoyed it. Tbf, yea it was in the cold darker months, but I actually liked the movie. Maybe I'm not a movie expert, but I was intrigued for and hour or so. True, the structure would have worked better if it wasn't backward, but I don't mind that I saw it and went along with the movie in its own world. /shrug
If the hate for this one stemmed from the hype, unfortunately I wasn't a viewer of this movie who fell for that hype. Whoopsie I missed that bus
Loren Darcy
Birdbox seems like an M. Knight Shamalamadingdong movie: incoherent trash.
the creative man, the machine man
I can't take Sarah P seriously after AHS. She's so overdramatic and self-righteous in all her roles. Lots of screaming and whining. I think she did a good job in AHS season 4 (freakshow), but that's about it. I don't get why people are calling her great when she reminds me of Leo DiCaprio.
Crazy Uncle Hank
Half in the Box episode 157: Bird Bag
Retro Zombie
When you're trying to find your twine and you accidentally almost knock down one of the walls of your recording stu- I mean house.
Simply Germ
There are hard to see types of crazy. Psychopaths- people who don't feel emotion and act completely on calculated measures, they can be a serious problem cause you just don't know.
That's just one of I'm sure a few
It's a good movie. Some problems, but engaging and well acted. Came to see what Mike and Jay thought. I'm surprised they are so completely dismissive of it but then they are hack frauds. The way it's structured serves the fact that the main focus is never the horror but Sandra Bullock's character learning to make emotional connections and become a mother.
Sami Common
Bird Box Challenge? How stupid is this? Wow people do every shit Social media tells them to...
John Gunnerek
I immediately got The Happening vibes after people just start killing themselves and it was all downhill from there.
you know what the *fuck* i mean
6:32 “like licking a bull. not licking a ball” ?????????????
Robert Bishop
I think the popularity of A Quite Place also helped to get people to see this.
My name's Johnny Knoxville, and this is the construction-site bird-box challenge
7:27 Shut up lol omg
Adele Thomas
I FINALLY watched Bird Box, put it on as I worked, specifically so I could watch this review.
I don't think we really needed much explanation. The mystery of what these monster things are was party of the interest. It might need a few more things like it's ability to whisper to you is weird but the rest seemed to be told to us at a reasonable time. Definitely agree with the rest. The structure was bad. Bullock was bland. The crazy stuff is a bit vague as well but I feel effective as a concept. Definitely seems like a first draft.
Chrizzie 78
If they are ever going to make a movie about Michael Jackson, Sandra Bullock is you're man.
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Look out! It's Jurassic World! Let's see how stupid things can get.