Single Turbo 335i Attempts Leroy's New Transmission is INSANE... So Worth 1 day ago   21:32

Adam LZ
These cars are notorious for struggling to leave the line so I tried to get some pointers from the stick-shift legend himself.
Cleetus Mcfarland -

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Have you got a diff-lockdown kit? I've got one in mine and it makes a huge difference in combatting wheel-hop.
Never see cleetus been shifting that hard.
Good lord give it up son 😂
Let Cleetus bang the gears and he'll get your 10 my boy.
Ryan Coffman
Does that thing only have 1 reverse light ?
Matthew Monaghan
Adam your acc doing really well but work on ur titles because so many more people would watch it
Proper pedo moustache that is
Alan Lindsey
"It does some weird stuff sometimes" ... Germans tend to do such things
Austin K
can the transmission and motor take all that i get worried about mine on stage 1 30% ethanol. Also you should get methanol injection to drop that iat
John Klem
BMW'S are for gay dudes, that is all.
Would a 335xi be better suited for this or are those AWD systems junk when it comes to racing. There is one for sale in my area that looks nice.
Joe M4
57x whp f8x are running mid to high 10s. Tht 335 w a good launch is and easy 10 second car
Chris Wells
Uhhh, can you just let Cleetus drive? Painful to watch...and in the end I was disappointed.
c1 _pt
What a fucking awesome sound wtf
Good thing you guys were in mexico.
BMW threethreefive
That was a dam good attempt. These cars are real difficult through the first 60ft. Once did a 11.79@119 with my stock twins. Then an 11.9@119 on the very next run using R888s but they still often gave me 2.1 to 2.3 60ft times. Only a set of hoosiers or MT are going to help. I then upgraded to GCs. Best I did was 11.77@129. Traction off the line was terrible. @Adam LZ, your car is really moving at 135mph. Thats really quick for a x35i. I have the European DCT version. No clutch makes it a nightmare to launch. Shifts down the track are brilliant after that but the dual mass flywheel causes false misfire detection about 2/3rds of the way down the track. Have an M4 flywheel ready to go in but not sure if I'll import some SSP clutches. Very pricey to me with $ conversion, shipping and duty. Good luck on the 10. I'd like to get there myself. Don't have uprated drive shafts or prop shaft though. That's always a worry.
m dc
19:40 that would have been the one
the great white
Adam and cleetes are the ones who get into no trouble with haveing fun doing 160plus lol hahah i love that keep it up
the great white
whit finks
Adam looks more and more like Reno911
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Leroy's New Transmission is INSANE... So Worth Single Turbo 335i Attempts 1 day ago   08:19

Why didn't I do this a year ago!?!

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