Single Turbo 335i Attempts Full Imported 2JZ Engine Refresh, 1 day ago   21:32

Adam LZ
These cars are notorious for struggling to leave the line so I tried to get some pointers from the stick-shift legend himself.
Cleetus Mcfarland -

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Jordan Scheurer
Adam put a turbo LS in somethjng
Jordan Scheurer
God I love that inline 6 sound
Jordan Scheurer
There would be a cop there even if I did a pull in my jeep. Going 70 in a 50. I'd get pulled over lol.
whatever mechanics
I mean, 11.2 is still good enough to take a hellcat to gapplebees
Trip Fifteen
I did 115 over the sunshine Skyway bridge in the summer it was the scariest thing I have ever done lmao
Trip Fifteen
Ayeee I live in Tampa wassup
john rosciolo
HELL YEAH BROTHER that man can drive
That stupid egg boi
😂 Cletus and his shifting position
Steve C
The mustache is probably causing bad launches
Holy shit Adam still bmxs! I thought this became a car only channel haha
Alex Savin
9:45 thank me later
B Simmons
Spray off the like to get that 60ft down
Have you got a diff-lockdown kit? I've got one in mine and it makes a huge difference in combatting wheel-hop.
Never see cleetus been shifting that hard.
Good lord give it up son 😂
Let Cleetus bang the gears and he'll get your 10 my boy.
Ryan Coffman
Does that thing only have 1 reverse light ?
Matthew Monaghan
Adam your acc doing really well but work on ur titles because so many more people would watch it
Proper pedo moustache that is
Alan Lindsey
"It does some weird stuff sometimes" ... Germans tend to do such things
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Full Imported 2JZ Engine Refresh, Single Turbo 335i Attempts 1 day ago   15:31

When buying an imported motor that’s going to be thrashed in drifting/racing/aggressive driving, it’s always a good idea to replace all those 20+ year old rubber seals BEFORE the engine goes into the car. Danger Dan is all about saving future headaches, so he walks us through how to refresh your JDM motor for many more miles of thrashing.

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Parts list:

JDM of California
Engine: 2jzgte vvti
Transmission: R154 Toyota
Differential: R33 GTR 4.36

Haltech Ecu
Computer: Haltech Elite 2000
Harness: 2jzvvti Terminated Harness

KW Suspensions
Coilovers: KW Variant 3, S14

Enjuku Racing
Suspension: ISR Pro Arms Kit
Subframe: ISR Solid Subframe Bushings
Hubs: ISR 5 lug Hubs

Kansei Wheels
Kansei KNP 18x9+12

Falken Tires
Falken Azenis 615k 235/40/18

Grip Royal
Steering wheel: GT 330mm “Danger Dan” edition, black leather

Radiator: High Performance S14 KA rad
Intercooler: 3”in 3”out S-line, black
KA radiator hose kit
3” Mishimoto couplers
Coolant overflow tank, black
Power steering reservoir black
10 row oil cooler, -10x2

Toyota factory 2jz gasket kit
Toyota 2jz waterpump
Toyota timing belt, tensioner pulley, accessory belt no a/c, large oil filter
R154 Shifter Extension


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