Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model What Engineers Found When 2 weeks ago   22:16

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Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3

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Mihael Tominšek
1) not look good
2) TV is too small. I want 42'' or more unless not attractive
3) TV have no remote... I hated 1980's TV's that I had to walk to it to change channel.
4) there will be times when kids will overgrown game consoles and will want cars that are cars not video game.
Korey Mayo
It needs ventilated front seats!
joseph kenneally
this car is dated.The hydrogen car is the vehicle of the future.
Batsukh Bataa
Tesla Burns Itself
Cars Burns Gas
Lenwood Cruze
I'm that I didn't have to wait long to see what the thumbnail was all about... glad you got right to it!
New Zealand Videos
Ok so it’s easy for the modern 12 year olds to drive. So what
zak stour
Say efficiency one more time
Asad Zaman
My guy looks like a cross between @randomfrankp and Charles Boyle (from Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
BekBoss Sen Bektas Jr.
No thanks i keep driving my AMG GT and my S500
Abhishek Srivastava
It would be epic, if you manage to break that touch panel. Good luck doing anything then.
joash azor
Intro song??? Anyoneeeee
Ted Kidd
Once you get used to the car, the "HUD" idea becomes silly.

If you can't manage your speed, turn on tacc.
Joseph Tartaglia
Tesla Referral code:
Anthony Edwards
Okay I just found my 19th birthday present for myself
Eric Balcon
Since when electric cars are good for environment ? this is absolutely false, they should be called nuclear powered cars...
14:12 would've been nice if it had wireless charging... but still pretty convenient :P
I drive a Toyota Yaris, my speedometer is in the middle of the dash not behind the wheel.
tesla fan
Love it😍😍
The car is made out of crude oil hence plastic, the batteries can not be fully recyclable, it takes Fossil fuel power plants to charge it, the degradation of the battery 🔋 and we have a wash vs a combustion car. Most new gas only cars have the same emissions as a hybrid. It’s an over priced toy car in a market of cross over drivers.
Alu Ku
Is he reviewing his own car?
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What Engineers Found When Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 2 weeks ago   05:02

Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.