Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model What Engineers Found When 2 months ago   22:16

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Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3

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The fugliest wheels I’ve ever seen.
Alex 1 up
What happens when all of the cars are Teslas and they all need to charge at the same time, is going to be a long wait lol
Apfeltasche 502
which Version of the Model 3 is this the basic ? and if not do you know if this features are in the lower priced aswell ? :D and nice video i love this car so much
Harold Ferguson
The Manual say's Keep Your Hand's On The Wheel..
charliexkamikaze referral code!!
Or u can buy a $25k ioniq and c ur phone’s face on the big screen.
bro needs to learn how to avoid a curb
Bruh ain’t nobody with a Tesla gonna have an Android lmao
jose cuevas
For a moment I thought the guy was being sarcastic. Then I realized he really is excited over his 40k car that comes with hub caps.b
i hope no MCAS feature on it!
Oh, you don't like where your speed is on the display.. have you ever seen an Mini speedometer? 😒
this guys says efficiency like 100 some times.....
Timothy Bruce
Is this the snozzberries guy from Sooper Troopers?
Patrick W
*worse for the environment
Anthony Rivera
Hey I live in the Bay Area
plus everything is upgradeble with software updates. now tell me tesla is the coolest car you've ever seen. #Elon
Shahab Sandhu
Driving down El Camino Real. Nice :)
Omar Juarez
You talk too much. Take too long to give your point.
Peter DeYoung
Electric vehicles aren’t as good for the environment as everyone thinks
Sean Chapman
Looks so cheap
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What Engineers Found When Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 2 months ago   05:02

Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.