Boy vs Girl DIY Slime Challenge! (PrestonPlayz ULTIMATE SLIME MAKING!! w/ Mama 1 day ago   16:18

Boy vs Girl DIY Slime Challenge! with Preston 👊
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Comments 17564 Comments

mreana nator
Girls team win🤪
Marvin Dick
i love rocks :)
Nicole Messina
I vote for boys
Nicole Messina
Love rocks
Beast Be Gaming
Preston I am you're biggest fan
Shania Coates
brianna won for sure
ajamiera gacha
Roses are red violets are blue the like button is gray can your make it blue
Maria David
Brianna wins ❤
bartolome octa
sorry preston I like briana more;-)
Arnold Esumadia
Girl me
Daniel Writz
girls win :D
Pranav Nair
preston has a crazy mind booom
Mary Wright
Presten rox
Natalie Niemeyer
It is glow in the dark slime
Debbie Fitzgerald
Boy go to Jupiter to get more stupider so GIRLS ROAL
Amelia Prasetio
Brianna you win! GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!
Amelia Prasetio
Brianna you add as much activater as you need until it turns solid
Ddog Gamer
my sister has a beta fish but its sick
Jasper Cruz
Even tho i am a boy girls win preston doesn't know how to make slime he puts dirt on it
Ai love girls slaim
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ULTIMATE SLIME MAKING!! w/ Mama Boy vs Girl DIY Slime Challenge! (PrestonPlayz 1 day ago   11:21

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