Friendship ended with everyone. Genius needs to be stopped! 2 weeks ago   20:05

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Grizzy I didn’t have any other play outs down an eight although having five other green cards
Markis Shano
4:22 Well that just happened XD
Why does Smitty keep saying Yurt? Is that like that "Yeet" thing people started doing like a (barbaric) yawp?
"Yo, I be playin a cawd, 'MONGOLIAN DOMICILE BITCHES!'"
19:21 The Canadian in him came out for a second
Matt Matt
7-0 makes this game unenjoyable
Surprised Pikachu
9:56 Funniest Part
fondu. yondu. fock yu. yondu. now you. are through. fock you. yondu
Lillie W.
You really didn't have a fucking blue?
what is the sound at 4:24 ????????
Evan Butler (2022)
Thought Tuxbird was going to play uno, not gunna lie
David Beauchamp
I'm a new creator but don't know how to make the sound on my videos good. I use streamlabs obs. Plzz help ✍
Jackson Hawkins
Does Asianboy0122 have a YouTube channel
Dakota Gerrior
Spent the entire video thinking of a joke to make about the wrong candidate being in Asianboy's picture but couldn't think of anything
U got Al Cook vanish got Al Dusty. U guys should have a two v two match with each other
Thomas Clow
I want to see more stick fight Video
Go Away
Itz slobbering time
I love how smitty fucking lost it when it hit +12
Why do you even play with this Eli guy? He's not even funny or witty.
Jesus, I just went to his link and his twitter feed is a garbage fire of trump derangement syndrome. Yikes.
which version of uno is this and is it available on the play store?
Declan Handley-Byrne
Roses are red,
They grow in the dirt,
For every jump in,
SMii7Y goes YERT
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Genius needs to be stopped! Friendship ended with everyone. 2 weeks ago   16:13

Rap Genius have gone too far adding viners like Gabbie Hanna Monster, Lele pons, Jacob sartorius and Flossing kid
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