Ohio vs Michigan boyz slot NO PREP 60'! NO BURNOUTS! PIE CRUST 2 days ago   12:58

Thomas Summers
Having some fun at race o Rama

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Wow those slot dragsters are something else. This is we're Tesla started his hypothesis with electrical cars and motors The types of cars in this video are slick I like em all.
tim priddy
Needs a bar and old jukebox
Mike Spillman
That black 69.....damn.
Reactionary Hermit
Looks like it would be much more fun if the cars weren't so fast. They must be trapping 500 mph to scale haha.
Scott H
In st Paul mn on Lexington and University
Scott H
Me and my and grandson have theses car and more
Delightful Douschebaggery
Kids watch these videos, and you morons curse like a bunch of sailors. ...smh...
puterossputeross Bowelly
Could you move the camera faster next vid?
Caméra frontale et cameraman de merde !!!
This looks like so much fun!
Rob Schoufour
Like a bunch of little kids everybody gets along no matter Creed Color Race just having a fucking blast fuck the digital age brings back memories from the 60s and 70s what a blast
marshall sanchez
Behold we have a new series on Speed Channel;called slot car pinks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
marshall sanchez
Will you look at this these men are gambling; see who's the fastest off the line😂😂😂😂
johnny phillips
My dad and uncle used to do this and oval slots in the late 60s when I was a baby. Wish I could have done it with them.
stanley kaplan
A little less talk a little more action.
Boy Genius
There's a few of these here in Atlanta... Discovery Mills Mall is one.
TylerThaGreen Dale
H.O. Joe
Looks like a fun time. What scale cars?
BurningNitroKevin 2011
I went there...
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NO PREP 60'! NO BURNOUTS! PIE CRUST Ohio vs Michigan boyz slot 2 days ago   37:16

Check out this video montage of the only event of its kind since the 60's! The rules are: Pie Crust Slicks Only! No Burnouts! No Dry Hops! No Prep First 60'! 10 sec or Slower! '66 or Older! Drivers put their skills on the line as horsepower doesn't necessarily determine who crosses the finish line first! This 37 minute video has 3 different vantage points starting at the Tower Side, Track Side click here 14:17 Hill Side Finals click here 21:00 To read more about this event and the upcoming 2nd annual event click here: https://www.facebook.com/vintagedragracing101/ Also be sure to check out Byron Dragway's '19 schedule of events here: http://byrondragway.com/
#unclesams #gasser #dragracing