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The Independent
Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has faced a marathon of hostile questioning by Democrats and persistent protests from members of the public.

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Damn it america
The official statistics of the U.S. District of Columbia Circuit
show that P. Trump SCt nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh,
P. Obama SCt nominee Chief Judge Merrick Garland, and
their peers received during the 1oct06/30sep17 11-year period,
478 complaints against judges in their Circuit
and exonerated 100% of them
thus covering as a matter of policy
for abusive judges regardless of the gravity of their abuse. guy is a crook.
ive watched most of the hearings so far, and this is total fake news, repulsive deceit..
World's Netizen
Kavanaugh demonstrated how great memory he has in the procedure of hearing. She asked a yes or no question on whether he talked to anyone about a hot topic in his specialized field. It isn't too hard for anyone to answer yes or no as if one has no special connection with the topic. Plain and simple. Trumptards are trying so hard to cover the truth and muddy the water to push this con man into the Supreme Court. Lol
Beau Biker
Teresa Grotius
These facts are not true. Somebody did not do their due diligence in getting the facts correct. Those documents WERE RELEASED THE DAY BEFORE AND HE KNEW IT - HE WAS LYING. HE WAS TRYING TO BE DISRUPTIVE AND STOP THE HEARING. THE WHOLE THING WAS A DISGRACE TO THE PATRIOTS OF THIS COUNTRY.
Funny Bone
Russians are trash, so are all Americans who collude with them. Hang em all!
RickK RocKStar
Imagine if the old bag of bones justice Ginsberg also dies,
😂😂😂 Democrats will have a SHIT fit..
The Independent?? This is a one sided Dem hitjob of select pieces. Independent my ass. As far left as you can bend. Jokers.
Mark W.
Democrats. Losing again while chimping out.
David Teichroeb
Thats what they call me its just that when a woman has power over a man they think they can step all over him they are in my opinion pushing it
Prez 84
I love how it keeps being said he's not answering questions. He's just not giving them the answers they want. When YOU ask someone a question,it's the other person that gives you THEIR answer. The person asking the question doesn't t get to define if it's a yes or no question especially on some of these more complicated issues that involves a person's thoughts or opinions...dumb
David Teichroeb
Yes or no do we need woman's in the goverment?
Jason Engelbrecht
wow who put together this fake garbage? this is Twisted more than any other news site I've ever seen. misleading total garbage!
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