My First Q&A 10 Most Heartbreaking Disney Channel 2 months ago   10:50

My First Q&A

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Juliana Almanza
You talk like your mom
Cinthia Muller
A school vlog ❤️.
Queen Melanie
I saw you at Westgate with your boyfriend Jose
Melissa Reyes
You are gorgeous! You look like your momma! Its weird how we can comment on your channel but not on “The Aguilars” channel
Hannah Valentine Gonzalez
Make a new video already!☹💖
Sleepy Slenderness
Hey I'm the girl from roblox remember me?
Victoria Schmitz
She’s so pretty I want too meet her 🥰
Luis Bizarro1
Que paso a weekly 😂
Sinai Vega
You say like a lot but love you 💘🤣
Michelle Hernandez
Do a eat it or wear it challenge with Nicole
Melanie’s Life
She kept saying ahhh at the beginning 😂
Kaylee Bernal
I love that songs too
Marie Vega
I love your sense of humor 🤣🤣🤣 btw you're beautiful, and a mini version of your mom😍😍 you should do a makeup tutorial 👍😍
Natalie Perez
Do a Fashion nova haul please 💗🙏🏽😍!
Created By Flora
Please subcribe to my chanel and on tiktok its called officially.flo
Katlyn Toscano
I got itt right 2nd question
Cindy Martinez
post more videos
Marisela Bernal
“Imagine getting tackled “😂😂😂
Pero por qué estás hermosa
anthony herrera
You should go to the worst reviewed nail salon and get your nails done with nikki V and Candy
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10 Most Heartbreaking Disney Channel My First Q&A 2 months ago   28:41

grab your tissues and get ready to cry with me folks

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