Top 20 Economies in 2030 (GDP PPP) 💡 CRUDE OIL Production per Country 1 day ago   11:01

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According to Wikipedia, GDP comparisons using PPP are arguably more useful than those using nominal GDP (see List of countries by GDP (nominal)) when assessing a nation's domestic market because PPP takes into account the relative cost of local goods, services and inflation rates of the country, rather than using international market exchange rates which may distort the real differences in per capita income. It is however limited when measuring financial flows between countries and when comparing quality of same goods among countries. PPP is often used to gauge global poverty thresholds and is used by the United Nations in constructing the human development index. These surveys such as the International Comparison Program include both tradable and non-tradable goods in an attempt to estimate a representative basket of all goods.


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Laoconte Lao
strong economies, heavy pollution.
Game Review
you are just jealous of india... keep talking shit... admit our success or else just keep cursing and harming yourself...
Candra Gunawan
Indonesia ❤
Gajanan Patil
Worng information
Josuel Macedo
Pranab Sarkar
I think Bangladesh coming 20
Are you sure ...?
Raвiடaட мurмu
আমার মনে হয় বাংলাদেশ top 20 economics er modhye thakbe.kenona bangladesh ekhon first growing country..Pakistan theke bangladesh egiye thakbe.
Top 8 Brazil
*A México lo han saqueado por más de 300 años a manos llenas y aún sigue dando* 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Emmanuel Rivera
Hercílio souza
Essa comparação nem em 2060 não sera realidade, coisa mais boba.
EUA tem um PIB, hj quase o dobro da China, em 2030 China nunca passará os EUA, já que a mesma parou de cresce aceleradamente...
Mario Gumanty
Igor Carvalho
saijo yahu
I like it china
Azerbayca n
turkish islamic empire
RankCountryProj. GDP (2030, PPP)GDP (2017, PPP)% change#1China$64.2 trillion$23.2 trillion+177%#2India$46.3 trillion$9.5 trillion+387%#3United States$31.0 trillion$19.4 trillion+60%#4Indonesia$10.1 trillion$3.2 trillion+216%#5Turkey$9.1 trillion$2.2 trillion+314%#6Brazil$8.6 trillion$3.2 trillion+169%#7Egypt$8.2 trillion$1.2 trillion+583%#8Russia$7.9 trillion$4.0 trillion+98%#9Japan$7.2 trillion$5.4 trillion+33%#10Germany$6.9 trillion$4.2 trillion
turkish islamic empire
turkish islamic empire
Not true this
So bad maked, France will not drop to 10 in that small time, and England will suffer soooo much because of Brexit, I remember that
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💡 CRUDE OIL Production per Country Top 20 Economies in 2030 (GDP PPP) 1 day ago   03:31

This is the crude production of some countries. They are not all, only some countries and others are taken at random.

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