I Gave Jazzmyne Robbins A 6-Week I Tried 5 Different Types of Hair 2 days ago   22:14

Michelle Khare
I gave a 6-week health and fitness makeover to the queen of confidence - Jazzmyne Robbins! To APPLY TO be on #ExtremeBodyMakeover, scroll down for instructions!

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To apply to Extreme Body Makeover, please send an email to ExtremeBodyMakeoverCasting@gmail.com that INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING:
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Michelle Khare
Thumbs up this video if you LOVE Jazzmyne!! :) To APPLY TO be on #ExtremeBodyMakeover, check out full instructions either in the description or on my Instagram here, and be sure to follow me to stay up to date on all show announcements! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzb4zM8J3oA/

Thank you so much to everyone who has applied - we are so thrilled reading your submissions!!!
Brittany Guerin
I loved this!!
Josie Leigh
LOVED this! I would love if in the future you worked with someone who has a disability or mobility impairment. Working out is often part of the treatment, but it's difficult to start and continue with a healthy mindset when working out can cause pain. That may add a new level of challenge and also be awesome for viewers with disabilities (like me) to see!
Panthebunny Number1
She should do a 'I learn to sing like a professional singer' as someone who is currently learning to sing I would live to see this
Lynzee Matheson
Someone telling you that working out or losing weight is not body positive is total bs. I can love myself AND want to better myself. It's not one or the other.
Daisy Chan
Nobody's gonna be happy if they're unhealthy. Just cuz one is body positive doesn't mean they're not allowed to take care of their body.
Mia Simmons
Hi Michelle. You are so gorgeous and love your videos! 💖 This is Mia from Teddy Blake Designer Handbags and we would love to team up with you. Connect with us through our Instagram account. Our username is @teddy_blake. Hope to hear back! 😉 XO
Rudi Hoxhaj
i love you jazzmyne
I had no idea Jazz and I have so much in common. I love the idea that she's not the one looking at the scale and numbers.
Claire Dietrich
@ Jazzmyne - I feel you girl (4:40) I just completed a diet plan for weight loss, but also to relearn healthy habits, regular exercise, and be happy and content with myself as I made progress. It's so hard to give myself credit, and it's okay to take it slow and arriving to a place where I am comfortable in my own skin!! Still learning and still on the way there, slowly but surely.
"I need to not be so hard on myself because I can't tell if I'm losing weight, or if I'm losing inches, or if I'm losing whatever...but it really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, just keep going." = Body Positivity
رائعة في كل شيء
Flor G.
I think people get confused. Being body positive does not mean looking a certain way. Being body positive means loving your body and taking care of it. If that results in losing some weight and/or gaining some muscle, that doesn’t mean you are no longer body positive or that you never were. People are annoying 😒
Suspicious Waffles
last summer I had been working out for about 70 days and I was eating healthier it was so difficult to get there but I looked and great I felt great but my friend took a photo of me and when I saw it I didn't feel like I look good I destroyed myself I felt like I hadn't worked hard enough I wasn't good enough I was ugly I just gave up and stopped working out throwing all that work out the window I started to cause eating disorders off and on not eating enough than eating too much and getting a stomach ache and during all this I didn't talk to anyone about it I still haven't told anyone in my life what was going on but I'm trying to get my life under control again I've been trying to eat enough to feel good but not so much i feel sick and I've been working out and just doing more physical activity im still struggling to feel good about my body when I wear a swimsuit but I feel like I'm slowly getting better and I feel pretty good just in my body and ive avctually descovred I really enjoy working out it makes me feel good and happy
Challenge Accepted: Autobody Collision Technician✔
Anna-Kristina Thulin
It'd be cool to see one where the workouts are at home/body weight ones, to show that you don't need to spend money on a gym to get fit
Ally Bhatia
please do a zero waste week challenge!
Isabela Ramirez
I want her to do Saf before her wedding
Amberly Wang
im usually not too inspired by fitness videos but this really hit deep. seeing the growth from someone who also struggled with an eating disorder and her strong and confident mentality in it is truly truly inspiring. this has helped me a lot. thank you
Liv life With liv
Honestly they should respect you more becomes you are starting from a hard place unlike them
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I Tried 5 Different Types of Hair I Gave Jazzmyne Robbins A 6-Week 2 days ago   17:49

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