Why Cheap LED Lights Keep Glowing Ten Car Battery Presentation at Calgary Mini 1 day ago   10:26

There are LED lights that never quite turn off when switched off, this is their story…
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Andrea Mattei
Hi. I really like the way you divulgate the science of electricity :-) I have a question I can not find an understandable answer...Could you quantify how much energy you can extract from a piezo disc, in relation from the energy you use to compress it? Thanks and best regards. Andrea.
I've had LEDs light up just from having the positive connected to the positive wire of a USB cable which was plugged in, and just touching the ground wire.
Jose Antonio Lopez Gomez
I just discover this channel and I'm laughing my ass of. Oh my, I should searched for electronics YouTube channels before, this is GREAT.
Shareh Butt
No vid is complete without a shock 😂😋
juma W
dude in iraq i mean most of our house dont hava a G wire so that happn
Fox Frenzy
"LiKe AnD sUbScRiBe If YoU aRe AlSo A sTeVe!" ~ Legendary
Christopher M
LOVE your videos!! In the process of going through a mold abatement at my grandmother's 3,200 sq foot house. Any chance you might do a video about DIY ozonator made using ozone plates or parts from Amazon? Looks like one could be built for about $160 vs the $2,000 for the pre-made ones available online. :)
shiladitya paul
CHECK THIS guy is amazing but manage the language problem, you can use subtitles though.
vazvaz voova
You have very good teaching skills..
But I don't think the average Joe knows what an ac dc motOr or conductOr or capacitOr. Or any of these terms. I'm deffinatly one of them:(
Hacking Tutorials
MAKE NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL COMMIT SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do you think of 5G conspiracy videos ;) boom whole series of vids there
Don't Sell Me Angel
I’m the 1 millionth view
Sabuj Pattanayek
Please do an episode on why shitty LEDs bulbs start flickering after a few months even though the warranty is greater than 10 years
Carlos Cardenas
iMad Science
“The problem is that I’ve never seen this problem!”
Aleister Midnight
he looks like Paul Stanley from KISS. Has the same eye shapes and everything...lol. if he put on the same wig paul does he would fool everyone.....why dontcha try it?!? lol
Blake From Alabama
I learn so much watching these videos and at the same time I get so damned tickled. I’m constantly laughing.
dave food
Dude, fuck Stephen

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Ten Car Battery Presentation at Calgary Mini Why Cheap LED Lights Keep Glowing 1 day ago   17:39

Here's my first presentation in front of live audience! I covered:

- Which one hurts more, AC or DC?
- What kills, current or voltage?
- Can we weld with car batteries?

For more details, please see http://www.electroboom.com/?p=512
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Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectroBOOMGuy

By: Mehdi Sadaghdar