LIVE: Theresa May holds PMQs David Cameron's most memorable 1 day ago   44:32

LIVE: Theresa May holds PMQs after 50 Tory MPs met to discuss how to oust her.

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Tyler Lewis
"Propaganda tools for the russian state" meanwhile this is on Russia Today
Crypto Valentine
Why does Theresa May chat so much shit..... she destroying the country, she allows the police to use terriorism laws everywhere just to vilate your rights, pocketing money for the war just look at her husband he is the money trail. And the BBC, ITV are the channels that provide propaganda even down to the radio stations swing to the left and support TORY GOVERNMENT BS
Ashley Wrench
Lol, she gave you guys a shout out......

Oh wait.
They need to give this gutless old woman the boot as she is too busy grovelling and kissing Europe's / America's arseholes than sorting her own country out 🐩
Mother of New Corruption Era…. Mrs May need a Psychiatrist as Trump and French Mac .LOL. No Isolation for What You Got for Yourself and Party in Mil of £ as Preceding did for Decades and made the Britains Degrade across the Globe, Not worth of Billion of Human… Britain will never be isolated because of just few Stupid who fulfilling their own Thrust and Rewarding them from who get…
May is deceitful dangerous globalist who has no place leading the Conservative party
carl lawson
Vote her and nasty party out now they killers
She’s need to go, she’s fucked brexit up and she’s completely castrated the police force they’re more bothered about hurt feelings then actual crime.
Greiguci Wootchie
Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeremy Cooooooooooooooorbyn.
Guy Fawkes had the right idea!
Car Lover
Make our own rules, this after she begged the EU to keep us tied to Thier dictatorship shit, also the money she offered, could have saved the poor , UK is no longer , a united kingdom, it's the cesspool of EU, all the lies she's spouting, to make people believe , in her. And the bloody chequer, there he is the bastard Hammond, the more brexit is fudged the more he squeeze our heart a d could, with his bloody budget, so it's not brexit that's doing this, beware , France is forcing people to learn Arabic, to please the Moslems , and if this traitor won't be kicked out, she'll do the same thing, her love for Moslems , even the ones who raped do many UK kids knows no bounds,
Carl Dorrington
This a fucking joke ! fucking bickering from western governments is disgusting
patricia may
You would expect to find Zero Hours Contracts in Cambodia or a desperately poor 3rd World Country! One million People in the UK have Zero Hour Contracts! Shithole Britain with a Shitty Tory Government! How can we call for Government to be dissolved! Anyone know?
patricia may
Treason May is supposed to be the Head Politician of this Country! It is her job to oversee everything with the help of her Cabinet! She is not doing this as she is more interested in using are money and interfering in the Middle East and NOT for humanitarian purposes! Who are Treason May and the Tories Woking for because it's not us! Get her and them the eff out NOW!
Shaun Benjamin
If you are reading this Theresa May or anyone who is a part of this CORRUPT, VILE, RACIST, EVIL, DECEITFUL, BACKWARDS, UNDERHANDED and SELFISH Conversative regime. You read and you read good, because myself and the majority of this Country have had it up to here with your Poker Games with the vulnerable and hardworking… Read this and read this thoroughly and precisely.
Because of your disgusting Benefits Reform to people with disabilities for the last 8 months I have been supporting my Mother financially on a wage that barely helps me myself because of an inaccurate and badly ran health assessment that have been a complete shambles by Universal Credit, DWP and the company they contracted to do these assessments named as ATOS. You have taken away from a very vulnerable woman her Personal Independence Payment all because she could stand up, speak and move slightly but cannot fully function because of having a seizure in the bath and burning 65% of her body leaving her permanently scarred physically and mentally. But you didn’t bear in mind that this woman suffers from Tonic-Clonic Epilepsy, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Dissociative Pseudo Fits and Depression which is a very dangerous combination if you are not supported and finally stable enough to support yourself and improve your environment you live in. Which is not possible as she is now on ESA receiving £124 every two weeks juggling a ton of bills that she does not have the full mental capacity to understand and manage anymore; this has now led to her living in a downtrodden home with ageing furniture and electrical goods that she cannot afford to replace anymore and that I can only replace if I have the extra money depending on my own bills, since I am still paying Rent Arrears from a home that I lost whilst being in the Leaving Care Service who were supporting me to try and start living independently, but unfortunately were restricted by the time 2008 came because of the absolute mess Conservative made with reform this and that, cutting this and that, yet blame Labour as a ‘Tit for Tat’ exercise with this being front-led by the 3 “Eton Educated Stooges” Cameron, Osbourne and Duncan Smith, who started their massacre to health and public services.
This mother of mine has now seen her condition get worse as well as her confidence take a huge dive where she is very regressive and receiving a very stretched and useless Care Service because of the nastiness of Conservative Cuts and Reforms. I have also seen the downfall in a lot of those who are vulnerable, elderly and have mental health issues where due to this mess I have experienced neighbours dying due to loneliness, neglect and poverty. You are also responsible for the lack of control and order over this immigration madness where our housing, transport and health services are now at stranglehold turning a once prosperous country into pockets of shanty towns that make the ghettos of Indonesia, Somalia and Kingston Jamaica look more glamorous to be, because your control in Home Office has not vetted and monitored people who maybe suspected of radicalisation or terrorist links, along with Refugees flooding here because of your warmongering ways and rubbing shoulders and playing footsie with unelected MEPs and corrupt Sheikhs and Powertrip Leaders who don’t know the first thing how it feels to be on the breadline watching a country you were once proud turn into dismay and chaos. Yet you felt it was justified to try send 72 Carribeans back to the West Indies who came here to work and get better lives, but you fail to get a grip on the situation certain areas of the UK are now facing due to the influx of Islam and the disgusting practices many have shown to young girls and others opposing their ways they are trying to imprint on this country??
We now have a Brexit situation where the whole country has now turned more divided than ever! People in the North of England are just about managing to get by because you Tory Bigots are sitting there in your cushy little seats in Parliament playing Russian Roulette as to who gets and who doesn’t in this country. The Poor are now eating the Poor because they are trying to find a better way in life and your Party still shows no true leadership as to where the UK is heading post-brexit. But we find you Mrs May throwing stones in glasshouses making accusation of Racism, whereas you showed no empathy and compassion to the 500-600 lost souls and their families during the Grenfell Disaster, probably because Kensington ended up being a Labour win. You failed to move swiftly on the rehousing of those who lost their homes and failed to bring the appropriate people responsible for negligence to justice. You have allowed chaos and disaster to strike in Westminster, London Bridge and Manchester in one year alone, while your 'sick in the head' party toast Prosecco with Private Donors and protect the Rich Elites. Our Police Service is now stretched to the max where kids are now more ruthlessness than ever showing a spike in Acid Attacks and Moped Crimes as well as a rise in Knife Crime and Shootings.

Basically under the Tory Party we have seen more divide and turmoil than ever before and good people who are genuinely struggling because of your Conservative Games and bickering in Parliament like a bunch of kids while shouting ‘YEAHH’ sounding like a bunch of stoned up Cows on a farm. We the people of Great Britain have now had enough!
You lot better sort this mess you have allowed in every area; otherwise believe me, the people of will eventually rebel up and down the UK like never been seen before where it will make the 2011 Riots look like a School Canteen food fight. Get a damn grip of this fledgling Country or the people will eventually sort it for ya!!!!!
Anthony,Simon Wilde
Nobody voted for your useless ass May!!!!!one of the worse priministers ever......go home......
I wish she'd just frack off.
sam wright
the PM is working for the interest of the country
the farage and boris gang is working for their own interst at the expense of the country
Stewart Reid
She has to go to save the Tory Party from total humiliation at the next General Election!
Don 56
May is ugly in every way, she doesn't give a damn about the serious hardship she's causing thousands of people. Over two thousand people died within a month of being told they are fit for work. How can the evil bastards continue to get away with it!
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David Cameron's most memorable LIVE: Theresa May holds PMQs 1 day ago   02:16

As David Cameron steps down as Prime Minister, we take a look at some of his most memorable performances during Prime Minister's Questions.

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