360° Speaking Video: Cafe [Extreme] 360° RollerCoaster at Seoul 2 days ago   01:02

Cambridge University Press ELT
This 360° video in a cafe shows what it’s like to be a learner and the challenge of having to react to spontaneous conversation. Hold and drag the cursor around to explore each scene.

Our new American English integrated skills course, EVOLVE, helps teachers to prepare students for spontaneous speech with its dedicated speaking lessons, designed to build confidence and fluency.

Find out more at http://cambridge.org/evolve

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Mariam Al-Taee
Mariam Al-Taee
i really want to come to London and study in Cambridge University . But i feel scared
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[Extreme] 360° RollerCoaster at Seoul 360° Speaking Video: Cafe 2 days ago   03:27

서울대공원 익스트림 롤러코스터를 360으로 보자!
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Watch EXTREME rollercoaster ride at Seoul Grand Park in 360 degrees!
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