A Conversation With Jason Nash SERENADING STRANGERS IN THEIR CARS!! 5 months ago   26:54

Brandon Calvillo

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sunnysideup C
watching this makes me happy that in 2019 jason is doing some self reflection and trying to better himself
sunnysideup C
i think you guys should write a book together
sunnysideup C
jason is so woke for saying stuff like wifi is great i feel like so many people put down our generation for phone and internet but jason is so woke for knowing how amazing it is to have like even my mom will ask me a question i have no idea about and i ask my phone and she is just shook (she has a flip phone tomorrow is her birthday and i got her a touch screen new phone) but ya
bohemian deaconry
Am I the only one to find Brandon really really cute ?
Alien Forehead
I relate to these two so much.
Alien Forehead
Please write. You two are awesom.
Sergey Nuzhnyy
Brandon, i really think you should make the guest louder, in terms of volume. Great job on the vid, though
Mera Alexander
“I think I just miss hunging out” 😭😭😭 I love him
Alex Turp
I didn't realise how much weight Jason had gained until I was stoned
Erin Lally
jason is so ugly!
Elias M. Guerra
5:27 I miss my what??
Jacqueline Fink
These are some serious douchebags
Heather Griffin
Love your convos Brandon. I find Nash inspiring. He's a good dude...well, I don't know that - I just feel that. You're my fave Squad bod...omg...SQUAD BOD that's what Jason has now hahahaha I just made that up hahaha look at me cracking myself up in the comments. kbye
Josiah P
That jacket Brandon is wearing is fire 🔥
Noah Hochkins
Jason ... crack or tweeeek
Kristian C
Jason is a year younger than my mum but looks 5 years older. He's also 21 years older than me, and sometimes acts 10 years younger than me, and then other times 10 years older than my mum...he confuses the hell outta me haha
Laura Mitchell
Jason needs to take a break and start taking care of himself
Ashley Harrison
Jalaam Stewart
Branden is so so so so awkward
Lucas VO
jason looks like he has lost his mind *cough cough* trisha paytas *cough cough*
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SERENADING STRANGERS IN THEIR CARS!! A Conversation With Jason Nash 5 months ago   04:21

Our first day in college!! Very emotional for us!

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