Top 10 Secrets Celebrities Don't Want 10 People With Superpowers Caught 6 months ago   10:56

Be Amazed about these secrets celebrities in hollywood and the whole movie business don't want you to know about!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Secrets Celebrities Don't Want You to Know! Seat Fillers at the Oscars - If you ever fancied the chance to rub shoulders with the stars by attending the Oscars, the truth is that it’s actually possible and much easier than you might think. Fake Celebrity Romances - We love it when two celebrities get together, especially if they've been working closely together on the same film. Industry Mistreatment - It's no secret that most celebrities have hot bods that most of us can only dream about. Hollywood Walk of Fame - Most celebrities dream of getting a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame and it is not secret that it takes talent to earn a spot.

Buying Golden Globes - If you've ever dreamed about winning a Golden Globe, the good news is that with the right connections and a large amount of cash at the ready you could actually buy one. Actors Get Away with a lot - Celebrities Hire Private Judges - While celebrities are more than happy to let the public know when they're in a relationship or getting married, the same doesn't apply to divorce. Ever seen the disclaimer at the end of a film that says no animals were harmed? Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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Natalie Helferty
Rape was by Quet. The War Crimes committed by him were Rape and Sodomy. He ran the War as the 'Devil' Saxon English Captain of the Excelsior a Cannon Ball Battle Ship. As a Metrus Employee he was put into a Sacred and Consecrated Space and Ashed in St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto as I asked God to do that to Quet the Devil Developer Baby Killer of Bethlehem Family of Saxon England. Quet and all Metrus Family Members are all dead. Quet was the last to die. He was the worst.
Bette Davis did not pronounce her name “bet”. She pronounced it “bet-ee” and hated when it wasn’t said right. You don’t know something that fundamental? I can’t believe half this BS.
Clapping = fun. Having the clap = not fun.
Evan Hall
Tom Cruise eats bubblegum.
that annoying background music so annoying
Nicola Thomas
I wouldn't call Kristin and Rob's relationship fake as they dated for years and just because she dates girls now, it doesn't mean her relationship with Rob wasn't real because ... bi-sexuality. 🤔
So.....its all fake, ALL of it.
Inu Dog
Life of Pi that the Bengal tiger was CGI fyi.
David Turner
Great video! Loved it!
Kikkroxx777 SlyBoogz
damn nice to see some shit that actually made me go Wow....good info
Isaly Adrian
The happiest thing in life is just being a normal person 😇
Charles Leigh
Kishore Kannan
That's how mafia works!🤣🤣
Vijay Rana
On a sidenote, Spinach is my favorite vegetable provided it's made the indian way.
Stephanie LeBlanc
All these clapper comments ,what about the fact that kids are being literally raped...
Priyanka Rao
Why did they sit down? In the thumbnail they did not tell
Kimberly Austin
Wow maybe all the dead marine life on the beach was from the pirates of Caribbean each time... but everyone was saying it was either God or a military operation ... I’m willing to bet it’s the movie
Joan Smith
I think it's disgusting how animals are abused for shows/etc. I hope the people that are abusing these animals get their karma and are abused back!!!!
Justin OConnor
Bunch of fake fucks.
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10 People With Superpowers Caught Top 10 Secrets Celebrities Don't Want 6 months ago   17:01

Top 10 People With Superpowers Caught On Tape
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 People With Superpowers Caught On Tape! These are the most unbelievable people in the world with real superpowers! These super humans were caught on camera and videos of them were posted online! Are they real or fake? One thing's for sure they are all viral and some are kind of scary and may give you chills!

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