Cigarette Factory - Making, Packaging Mercedes A-Class Production line 6 months ago   10:03

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M-A-T channel :Cigarette Factory - Making, Packaging Processes, Overwraps - Bindaas Bro
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Comments 6 Comments

Chandra Shekhar
Cost of machine kitna h
Rudinei José Reis
Remédio !!!!😎👍
Des S
Adam Sakal Sakal
marfanisahil king
stop this factory from making cigrates
and band it.
sujit mitr
White bullets who make your lungs and life dark. BTW great automation. Magical.
Slashed Nutts
8000 smoke a minute? I've got bum mates that smoke faster than that.
Ahtesham khan
No smoking
saroj rana
black list
রিপ লাই চাই
Singaiah Singaiah
Who smoke that people are worst fatty muddy I don't like cigirate
Sainnurmain Nurmain
Rokok sangat berbahaya bagi kesehatan, jgn coba2 mengisapx
lets burn this factory to the hell of fire.
Rupesh Chauhan
Can’t you remove harmfull chemical from smoke
Nani Tapah
10 likes, i stop smoking
Jyothi VR
Please stop the beedi sigret .ect.
It is very dangerous to people stop this
Joynol Ali
Shala harami
H Marbaniang
My life is cicrate
taliparambukaaran malayaali
it is a new knowledge but cam scenes is very poor
try to improve
Amreet Ahirwar
jop milegi campniy me
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Mercedes A-Class Production line Cigarette Factory - Making, Packaging 6 months ago   12:59

Footage of the new Mercedes A-Class production line at the Rastatt plant in Germany. Filmed in 2013.
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