DETROIT PROPERTY OWNERS & LANDLORDS July 2018 Flea Market 4 months ago   06:19

Walter Gildersleeve
Detroit is trying his hardest to come back and I have warned many of landlords how to protect and watch over their property, but they feel that they can put in the money in these houses and leave them vacant this video shows my point why you should not leave your property abandoned.
Detroit Street Watchers/
Detroit Bat-man Walt G. FOUNDER on Community Street Patrol around city Eastside areas.

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Allen E. Douglas
Wow, so many properties out there that look like this. Be careful brother.
White people made Detroit a beautiful city. Unions came. Jobs left. And black folks are tearing it down. I'm so glad my town only has a few black folks. They are the most worthless race on the planet. They create nothing and destroy everything.
Be safe out there, too bad you don't have a partner
Linda Dempsey
Walter how can I reach you? I met you during a search for Donnie Martin. I have a question for you.
Dale McNamee
Neither the VPS signs nor any "Keep Out", "No Trespassing" signs deter the thugs...

Come to think of it... Neither do occupied houses...

I wonder how many of these houses are owned by the government ?
The Shea Show
this looks like a classic shea show video, great job brother, and I dont know if you have anymore or selling them, but I would like a street watchers hat sir
J.B. J.B.
You should throw that dog some food Some dope dealer prolly keeps it there Thats horrible
Walter check your YT inbox, thank U :)
daltons channel
Shea from the shea show in Detroit knows & goes over this better then anyone. Not knocking you Walt but you know what I mean.
That’s funny, VPS is supposed to be a very efficient system at protecting abandon houses. In fact the VPS Company claims that the owner is supposed to be notified if someone tampers with the home. I think VPS needs to refund the owner the cost of installation.
f thomas
Use that rock salt on your side walk if you want... come summer your walkway will be breaking up.
Rosie O’Donnell
You should see how cold it is here in Canada
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