Twisted Truck!!! Driver Walks Left Out In The Cold 5 months ago   1:40:39

Ron Pratt
Our team working a major truck crash. I know a lot of people have been wanting to see this video. Hope it is worth your wait!!! If you enjoy my videos, tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching and God bless.

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Don Becker
Just me, but I'm sure you goal is views , subscribers. I have a fascination of heavy rescue, or recovery in general. I enjoy the shows on TV past and present. You super long videos start to finish are great, however I'm wearing out my right arrow button clicking over parts looking for the action. I suggest of each long video you publish you also publish an abridge version. Just a though... but one recovery taking 100 mins.. yes real life I get it, and nice recovery! Love the lack of over exaggerated narration, than you ind with Rescue 401 and highway though hell, or even the show that use to be out of Chicago.
Linda Storey
I'm a 67 year old lady from the UK and I've been glued to this ,totally fascinated.
Joyce T
Poor Talon. Daddy-in-law took over completely but kept saying it was Talon scene. Talon's a good guy. He knows every job is a learning experience.
Ben Jones
what was the cost of this rescue.???
Sebastian Storholm
At 34:32, what's that contraption on the hub of the wheel?
Ray mond
When the Boss is onsite, always defer to the Boss.
Lord Syamsuni
1h 40m, with only 4 ads?
mr know fkall
its great to see talon in charge and its like he doesnt want to step on ur toes ron, its nice to see the respect u guys have for each other. good job guys. team work is the key.
Ricky Pyle
Do drivers get washed out of the industry after major mishaps like this or do they switch insurance companies and keep driving?
Juan Gonzales
is this my fedex truck????? explains a lot about my package...
As a fan I seek out the longer videos. I know their will be more of how you do what you do in it. Part is the mess. Part is how you untangle and bring it home.
Jeff Kurtock
Explanation of 3-part line at 1:02 is a little off. The front end (2-parts) has twice the pulling force as the back (1-part). So the front is "more likely" to move, but once it does it can move without the rear moving at all. (or if the rear wasn't stuck, and required little force to move, the rear could move without the front moving.) Method is good, only the explanation misses the mark.
No offence intended but I would have started with getting the cab n rig outta the way first n hauled off beings it was closest to the road n the fact separated ... the sisters then would have been much more accessible with two recovery units...judging by what I could see video wise... speaking from years of heavy equipment operator including loading heavy equipment. Just a friendly suggestion for future reference. ;-) I've always enjoyed watching your recovering over the years... great job Ron ;-)
Looked like a Freightliner FLD 120
Marita Gladson
How many hours total were you on this job? Very interesting! Thanks.
Eddie Dominguez
amazing work to you and your crew
albatrouse civ
How much do one of them truck cost?
Awww come on my package was in that trailer
Mark Renn
I have to admit I'm fascinated by the work you do. Normally, we only get to see you work for a few seconds as we drive past. Thanks for sharing.
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Left Out In The Cold Twisted Truck!!! Driver Walks 5 months ago   29:19

Using our single axle Peterbilt 337 with a Century 4024 to tow a "pup" trailer that had been left sitting on the roadway after the brakes froze. If you like my appreciated but not required.