Twisted Truck!!! Driver Walks Left Out In The Cold 1 day ago   1:40:39

Ron Pratt
Our team working a major truck crash. I know a lot of people have been wanting to see this video. Hope it is worth your wait!!! If you enjoy my videos, tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching and God bless.

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david kerslake
great vid again what was the actual time scale from start to finish please ron
David Rigoni
Great professionalism Ron:-)
David Rigoni
WOW :-) Tractor on the rotator boom looked like a wrecked race car at Indy being hauled off the track.
"Safety googles"
Andrew Cole
Ron, what do you call where you keep all your chain in your rotator.
This was crazy.Hard to believe driver walked away.
Koa Aloha
Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like a low boy trailer would be helpful in hauling the wreckage if they dont have one
Dianna F
Awesome job. God Bless
frank wallace
this video is great in that it shows the amount of skill and know how you guys HAVE to have.
great job brother, and i appreciate the respect you have for the people and drivers you deal with.
it helps to bring down what are sometimes very tense emotions at some of the accident and incident scenes you are working at
Jack Jacke
Thats prolly where my deliveries went.
John Hendricks
Good idea to have that new remote shipped Next Day Air if you know what I mean. 😊
Impressive recovery, great team effort, thanks for proving the video
Dominic Mammone
1:07:40 laziest trailer hitch up ever ;P
William Franz
You all should have your own tv show.
William Franz
Watching you all makes want to do recovery again. I love the challenge. Did it for two years. Every job is not the same.
Ken Wright
Pintle hook probably broke when rear pup trailer flipped. If it broke, causing the accident, then the rear of the forward pup trailer would have been all beat up from the converter dolly's pintle eye.
Good work, Ron & crew!
William Franz
You Guys are awesome. I really enjoy your videos.
Are you working on Talon to go easy on the snuff, or whatever it is? Lip/mouth cancer is brutal.
robert maberry
For sale one lightly used freightliner coronado. Low miles . 😀
I live here in chattanooga tn, right down the road from miller industries and love the new wrecker and recovery trucks/rigs coming from that place. You are the man when it comes to patience and teaching the "young bucks" the tricks of the trade. i sure do wish that I had someone like you in my life when I was Talon's age. I have so much respect for you and your team for what you do. If they had a university for the towing and recovery industry, you Sir would be the Dean of the that University. As always God Bless and Be Safe out there.
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Left Out In The Cold Twisted Truck!!! Driver Walks 1 day ago   29:19

Using our single axle Peterbilt 337 with a Century 4024 to tow a "pup" trailer that had been left sitting on the roadway after the brakes froze. If you like my appreciated but not required.