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john anderson
"Nominal versus de facto", applies to college degrees.
pablo ehv
So true.
The Monrovian
A degree is mostly a compliance test. They want to know that you are a bitch and will do and believe what you are told.
Morgan Faustino
College is hard? What’s he talking about? So many dumbasses get college degrees. I regret wasting so much time and money getting a bachelors and masters
Morgan Faustino
2:05 Hasn’t Gardner’s multiple intelligences been shown to be more or less a crock? It feels good to say “everyone is good at something, we’re all special!” But I don’t think there’s a lot of evidence behind it. There’s a lot more evidence to support a general intelligence
Liberty Tree
I'm tired of hearing, "My kids are amazing, just amazing..." The reality is that your kids are just average.
Nelson's Rudolph
Charles Murray burnt a cross during the civil rights movement. He admits it.
Bills Fan80
Actually Bill Maher has been vilified by the left because he never hesitates to point out that liberals are out of touch with the American people when it comes to messaging. Also Bill Maher is no moral relativist, and though he is a liberal, he is absolutely hated by the far left because he stands firmly against political correctness and radical Islam.
William Peterson
Both Wilbur and Orville Wright (and their sister) were able to write well and neatly though they were not highly educated. I don't think that our education system teaches people well at all. While we can learn a great deal, we often don't. While we can read well, often we merely watch TV.
robert galli
He forgot to mention the fundamental stupidity of so many teachers.
Mark Crooks
Murray and his coauthor and collabotors are not mistaken about the average IQ of nations but somehow everyone is missing the very obvious conclusions
1. All humans are born with a physiological brain capability/capacity for developing IQ
2. IQ is induced or instilled into individuals in the first 5 years of life

The obvious explanation for IQ spread in siblings; for high IQ’s occurring in populations with low IQ average; for decreasing average IQ’s in some western races
English universities have some bizarre ideas about all this...downright "un American". Here are a few of them

1At 16 and wishing eventually to read for a BA in order to get a "place" need to have passed the national exams in English called GCSE..general certificates of Education. A kid will have taken about 7 such exams in a variety f subjecte. Then you begin your Advanced Level course and for the next 2 years (16 to 18) you study only 3 if which will of course be 2 others. At the end, at 18, you take these great scary "A" level exams then you apply to the university of your choice. You really need at least a "B" in your English A level to have much of a hope pf being offered place to "Read" English.....

2At uni they of course expect you arrive already knowing a hell of a lot of English.And a hell of a lot about the processes of scholarship. On the basic English BA course you do 3 years of just English...lots and lots..nothing compulsory gender studies, or "electives.,Just EnglishThe level is pretty formidable and you have to struggle, no question

Compare this with a US college where you can "Major" in English doing a fraction of that amount of work. Almost a Charles Murray is suggesting.
he's wrong about sociology; one can graduate with a b.a. in sociology; get certified and teach it to high school kids; many options are not readily available but that is one option; nevertheless murray knows what he's talking about; damn he's brave lol!
Undergraduate education has little to do with learning a lucrative skill. It's all about meeting chicks!
Gilberto De La Vega
Why does Charles Murray refer to the person with a B.A. degree in Sociology as "she" ? Why does he assume the gender of the sociology major? Sure there are more female sociology majors than male sociology majors but he could have just said "that person" or "he/she" to be neutral. I have a feeling Charles Murray is a little sexist and just assumes women are dumber.
Patrick Troy
BA is BS!
Joe Carmo
Neurolinguistically speaking, stop calling them "kids." If you call them "kids" they will be that.
omg hey there
3:56 Haha, what??!! Try to tell a puritanical america they dont need to push themselves into a wall until they're dead from stress? Seriously? LOL
Osman Soragalla
Money and jobs are not the only reasons kids go to college. There is also the consumption side, i.e., just the desire to learn, In addition colleges provide an important social environment for connections and growth. These last one is important in rich countries where kids cannot just go and start helping their parents on the farm, or join some predetermined caste..
David P
Lol CATO. 60 years of being full of shit.
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Charles Murray on Coming Apart Charles Murray on Education Myths 1 day ago   47:35

This week on Uncommon Knowledge, longtime American Enterprise Institute fellow Charles Murray discusses his controversial new book, Coming Apart, about what American was, is, and will become. He also reveals his personal score on his now famous "bubble quiz." Take the quiz here