Vision for Desert Greening in Egypt The World Future Biggest Mega-Projects 3 months ago   01:54

Animation of the IBTS Desalination Greenhouse in Egypt - an engineering concept reclaiming and regenerating the Sinai desert and Northcoast in Egypt in 2011. The project was aborted due to political, economical and geopolitical instability in Egypt.

...the IBTS is an industrial scale desalination power plant. It uses 0.45 kilowatt hours for the generation of one cubic metre = 1000 litres of distilled water. This is ten times more energy-efficient than state-of-the-art desalination and 1000 times more energy efficient than state-of-the-art atmospheric water generation.

The required energy is proprietary and generated on site from regenerative energy sources. Investment cost is 1/4 of comparable desalination power plants.

A daily freshwater generation of 500.000 cubic metres of freshwater is reached with an IBTS the size of 10 square kilometres.


1 setting up of an open-air aquaculture based on a mangrove-ecosystem (mariculture), 80 metric tons of seafood per hectare and year according to simulation of food-web inteactions done by TS PrototypeCreation

2 erection of tent-like structure - the IBTS Greenhouse, three year life-cycle, 10 hectares unit size

3 charging up of the fresh-water cycle, for water export in the IBTS, building of "Integrated Biotectural system" for food-production and residency (preferable climate inside the controlled environment Greenhouses)

4 building of two more IBTS units with slightly different internal climates and food-production, begin of camel farming in the area between units - muscle powered water transport inland

5 expansion to clusters - each cluster has 7 IBTS units of 10 ha - two clusters match capacity of industrial desalination plant with 500m³ of water per day - saltwater canals between clusters used for (multi-trophic) mariculture, too

6 evolvement of clusters inland. All units are linked like a chain and conduct atmospheric freshwater and saltwater inland - saltwater farming, afforestation, and animal husbandry around clusters - all ecosystem based, not only according to agro-ecology principles

7 open air agriculture and forestry based on salt-water - called "terra-former" units

8 natural re-vegetation through the increase of rainfall on the entire area

9 growth to the west and east


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Kirk Wilson
FAILURE, 6 years on and nothing. Everyone point and laugh at this company.
John Ireland
Guys, Geoff Lawton added water to get started and the "green wall" only works in areas with much heavier rainfall than Egypt.
Groasis now has a biodegradable waterbox, that would be more cost-effective
Bruce Burns
It will never happen , how long have the Arabs been drowning in money , and where does it go ??? Jihad , weapons , Mosques , welfare for breeding , aircraft with gold taps and toilets , dictator palaces , shopping malls , the most expensive cars that money can buy , should I go on we all know anyway .
Maitreya, el Mesías, el Cristo se va a presentar. En el día de la declaración unas 2000 millones de personas responderá a su mensaje de compartir y justicia
Pablo de la Torre Gálvez
There are much less expensive methods of desert greening, like China's Green Wall and Groasis Waterbox.
Herman Karsowidjojo

TO DECLARE , THEM " THE TERRA NON GRATA " For Ufo landings. And Ufo Hangouts .
Jennifer Koo
North Africa was woodland before the Romans deforested it. What is needed is to restore the natural ecosystem, not create an artificial one with nets and infrastructure
Václav Čermák
Planting trees might be more efficient than putting up all those nets.
bob bobson
This is ridiculously over complicated and would be grotesquely expensive. check out Geoff Lawton Greening the Desert; he was successful and it was cheap and self sustaining. Also the loess plateau (aka China's Green Wall). Desalinate seawater, pipe it inland to get everything started, then follow permaculture practices.
Himself Lee
No narration. Use your imagination.
Nathan Reed
Sticking a pipe in the ground lifts the firmament and stops the natural rains. How high have we lifted the bubble so far? Orgone energy pucks recreate a ceiling hieght at which the sun can create the rains again.
r3dfir3 dra9on
east coast also! and piping wastewater into the desert will be quickly absorbed and make the ground or sand fertile.
Alan Roddis
Having read the information it seems an exciting plan, though I would like to see an update with sound this time please.
Ahmed Saber
نعم..بكل تاكيد..نعم ممكن..تحويل....معظم صحراء..مصر..الي مشروعات..زراعية..حديثة منتجة.. و مربحة..للإنتاج المحلي...و للتصدير ايضا..بتكلفة..اقتصادية..و منافسة..ايضا..في الأسواق العالمية..و المشاريع..تختلف.بحسب..البيءية.. .. و قد ..قدمت..خدمات استشارية.. كثيرة و كلها ناجحة في ..القصيم .و في المنطقة الشرقية ..بالسعودية ..و ايضا بالكويت... الخبير الزراعي....امين اسماعيل..Amin Ismail
Oregon USA...( 503 ) 432-1814
Rikard Haugen
They are probably nets working as shade for anti-evaporation, which will also work as kondensation-net and gather water. Or I don't know.
Andre Barnett
Narration fail. 
what are those?
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The World Future Biggest Mega-Projects Vision for Desert Greening in Egypt 3 months ago   13:59

In this documentary,you will see 9 biggest urban mega projects
that will reshape many Asian cities and will influence the world in term of architecture and urban planning. Not a long time ago,many countries in Asia were very poor and underdeveloped. but, now,the future is there.
9-Empire city in Saigon,Vietnam.
This community will reshape the whole face of this emerging country.It will be very futuristic and beautiful.Many skyscrapers will be built.
8-The Grand Rama tower in Bangkok(Thailand)
This mega tall skyscrapers,will be the 6 th tallest building in the world.It will modernize and rejuvenate Bangkok,the capital of Thailand.
7-Thai Boon Roong Commercial Centre Twin Towers(Cambodia)
Cambodia will have 2 twin towers skyscapers of 500 meters.A new city will be built near them too.This country will have a high speed rail train very soon too.
6-Shenzhen new financial district(China)
3 megatall skyscrapers over 600 meters will be built before 2024.One of them will surpass the Burj Khalifa in Dubai,The current tallest skyscraper in the world.This new district will cost 4 Billions$ to create
5-Yongsan business district in seoul (South Korea):This mega project was cancelled n 2008,but anew version was revived in 2017.A new mega tall skyscraper will be built there.The city will not open before 2025.
4-Bai Da Tou in Shanghai(China)
A new city will be built only minutes away from the shanghai downtown. An entire city will be built there.A new green city too will be built just minutes away from the project too.
This city will be smart.
3-Millenium Village in Jakarta (Indonesia)
This mega project will accommodate 500,000 people.Like other mega projects,a new skyscaper will be built there too.Everythin will be there.
2-city of Pearl in Manila (Philippines)
This mega project will be one of the biggest in the world and will change forever the image of the Phlippines.
1- Forest city in Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia)
The biggest project in Asia and in manila.It will be the biggest smart city in Asia and will be green everywhere.

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